5 things you should never do when saving your passwords in LastPass

To increase the security of all programs and personal data that we handle on our computer, it is important to use a series of passwords correctly. These serve us to protect access to platforms and personal services. We can memorize all these passwords, write them down, or use a manager like LastPass.

This type of programs and platforms in particular that help us with our passwords have not stopped growing in recent years. The reason for all this is quite evident, and it is that we are working with a greater number of keys every time. Memorizing them has become a practically impossible task, so these applications help us greatly. To give us an idea of ​​what we are talking about, they take care of store all those passwords securely protected by a master key.

In this way, what we gain is having to remember only this master key in order to access the rest of the stored passwords. In addition, these types of platforms offer us all the facilities to be able to take full advantage of the functions that they present to us. Among the most common functions we find an automatic secure password generator or stores for other types of elements such as bank accounts or access to 2FA two-step authentication.

However, despite all the security measures offered by this type of password manager, we also have to do our part. With this, what we want to tell you is that we should take into account certain measures so as not to put our protected data at risk.

Protect yourself by saving passwords in LastPass

In this way, to increase the security of our password manager account, the first thing we must take into consideration is the type of master key that we will use. Without a doubt we must assign this key as safe and complex as possible. Keep in mind that it is the access password to the rest of the ones that we will keep on the platform, so the more secure, the better.

This is something that is extended to the access passwords that we store on the platform. We must create secure passwords, or even use the password generator that LastPass offers us. Keep in mind that we have the possibility of directly accessing LastPass by making the browser save our password access.


However, this it is not recommended at all, since anyone who sits in front of our PC could have access to all our keys without any problem. Most of the time this is done to save time, but considering the role of these password managers, this is not useful in this case.

Something that also we should avoid is changing the master password every so often. It is preferable to assign a sufficiently complex one in the beginning, than to change it periodically. The reason for this is that it may be the case that we forget it, and if we do not have this master key, we cannot access the rest of the saved passwords.

In closing, we will say that we should limit the number of devices allowed to use our LastPass account. It must be taken into consideration that the greater the number of computers that the manager uses, the risks of leaks also increase, which endangers our security.

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