Make your home “smarter” with these Amazon devices on sale

Amazon Smart Plug

We must say that, of all the products on offer, this is the one that appears most interesting to us. He Amazon Smart Plug It is basically a smart plug that we can control remotely. It connects to the WiFi network and with the smartphone we can manage it, performing different actions with the connected devices.

This device is quite simple, we can connect it to any socket in our house without problems. Then we need to configure it to be connect to Wi-Fi network, something that is done in two easy steps. To use it, we need the Alexa application that is in the store of Android and iOS apps.

It must be taken into account that this device allows a maximum current of 10 amps. This is below the 16 amps that conventional plugs support in Spain. So it is important that any connected device requires a lower current.

The interesting thing about this device is that, among other things, it allows you to turn on your computer remotely. We can configure in the BIOS of the PC the automatic ignition when the current returns, something quite simple. Thus, from our room or from any other point in the house we can turn on the computer.

Amazon Smart Plug

Echo Dot (5th generation)

Now we are going with a different device, more focused on remote control of different elements or help on a day-to-day basis. Los Echo Dot with Alexa built-in They have become quite popular for their wide variety of capabilities. You can tell us about the weather, current events, play music or help with our recipes. starsoffline

As with the smart plug, it is connect to Wi-Fi, but you can interact with different elements. allows the management and control through voice commands from any smart device on the home network. We will be able to control the temperature, the lighting and even the television through this device, if they are compatible.

Something very interesting about this device is that it allows the assistance made easy. We can configure notification to third parties if necessary, something ideal for older people who live alone and may suffer accidents. integrates a 44mm speaker of great quality ideal for playing music from Spotify, for example.

It can be a great complement to the smart plug, since from this device and by voice command, we could plug in the computer.

Echo Dot (5th generation)

Fire TV Stick 4K Max

Finally, we have opted for an interesting device that adds additional functions to our television. The Fire TV They are quite interesting devices that allow access to many different types of content.

Some SmartTVs are limited by its operating system, something that does not happen with these devices. They are based on FireOS which is a android variant, so you get compatibility with most applications. Note that many users acquire them to create retro console emulators for the tv.

Installation is really simple, connecting to the TV’s HDMI and then, connecting it to the WiFi. Once connected, we can start enjoying this device without problems. Something very interesting is that the remote integrates Alexa, so we can control it by voice. We can also install the Amazon Fire TV application on our smartphone, which simulates the remote and makes it easier to search for content or browse.

It is a very interesting and versatile solution that adds functions to our television.

Fire TV Stick 4K Max

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