51 free courses from Google

Expand our knowledge to satisfy our curiosity, look for a better paid job or if we want to expand our knowledge on certain subjects, whether we have free time or not, the best way to do it is through online courses without leaving home. In a sense, the search giant, Google, makes available to us up to 51 free courses that we can do comfortably from home in our spare time.

Most of the courses include a certification that we can attach to our resume. The 51 courses available are classified into 3 categories: Digital Marketing, Professional Development and Data.

Free digital marketing courses

The number of free digital marketing courses that Google makes available to us is 25. With these courses, whose duration varies from less than 2 hours to 40, we can learn to manage Google Analytics, e-commerce, learn to create web ads, create an online companycreate advertising campaigns and much more.

google courses

Learn to work with data

With these 12 Google courses, we can take our first steps in the mobile application development and web pages, learning to program and the basic knowledge of Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing of machine learning. These courses have a duration that varies between 1 and 40 hours.

Improve your job prospects

The number of free courses that Google offers us to improve our job expectations for change job or promotion within the company, is very broad and is made up of up to 14 courses, courses whose duration varies between 1 and 40 hours. Each course is formatted by different modules that we must complete to move on to the next.

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