7 books with soul geeks to read this August

The same happens with The Lord of the ringswhich premieres the series on September 2 on Prime Video, the famous The Rings of Power. this time We bring you the texts that have inspired (not dictated) the events that are narrated in the Amazon fiction, and it’s about two publications: The Silmarillionwritten by JRR Tolkien himself, and unfinished stories, that reached bookstores many years after his death from manuscripts that the South African-born British writer never saw in print.

I am alive and you are dead

Surely you have ever seen (or read) a movie or series inspired by a book by Philip K. Dick: bladerunner, Total challenge, Minority Reportyou, The Man in the Castle, etc. Well, now that a biographical series is being prepared on this genius of science fiction literature, nothing like immersing ourselves in your most personal profilethe events that marked his life and his obsession with the future, power, time, death and space-time paradoxes in incredibly strange worlds.

A Space Odyssey: The Complete Saga

2001 A Space Odyssey it was based on a book of the same name written by Arthur C. Clarke. Well, what many fans of the film know is that In 1984 a continuation came to theaters, 2010 Odyssey Two and that the saga did not end (literally) there, since there are two more books to form a tetralogy that tells us the entire journey of the monolith, the new worlds created from the sun of Jupiter and how the lives of the original protagonists ended. In this edition that we bring you you have included:

  • 2001 A Space Odyssey
  • 2010 Odyssey Two
  • 2061 odyssey three
  • 3001 ultimate odyssey

New York 2140

Kim Stanley Robinson is one of the most acclaimed science fiction authors of recent decades and the one who best transports us to dystopian worlds that not only narrate interesting adventures, but also put us in the shoes of the inhabitants of the Earth in the coming decades and centuries. With New York 2140 We will see how is the impact of the sea floods due to global warming and the way in which society begins to organize itself after the cataclysm. As interesting as it is absorbing.


As we live in troubled times about privacy and the power of control of certain technology corporations, nothing better than resorting to the original story, which brought us to the table the figure of Big Brother that controls and directs the destinies of some citizens with increasingly smaller plots of freedom. A story born from George Orwell’s own experience with the fascist and communist regimes of his time and that, curiously and in a completely different way, is back on everyone’s lips because of technology.

Ten reasons to delete your social networks immediately

If George Orwell’s text, 1984makes you think that the same should take your foot off the accelerator and leave your digital life fallow for a while, nothing like Jaron Lanier’s treatise on how to quit social media. Or rather, why do it because as the father of Virtual Reality and one of the gurus of Silicon Valley for several decades, he knows perfectly well the tricks used by large corporations to find out about us and manipulate us. And it is that, believe it or not, every day you end up a little more manipulated than the previous one… and without realizing it.

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