These would be the new Amazon Echos that could arrive soon

New Echo speakers

The information they publish in Bloomberg points to the launch of several devices from different families with which to cover new formats for the always effective Amazon virtual assistant: Alexa. The products would come from the company’s well-known hardware division, Lab126, who would have designed a new Echo format with screen about 15 inches It can be mounted on the wall or on a desktop stand.

A screen of such dimensions must have a rather special purpose, and everything indicates that Amazon’s idea is to create a control panel from which to control all the smart devices that we have in our home. So we could turn lights on and off, control doors, view surveillance cameras, check the weather … and all in a simple and intuitive way.

This launch would make a lot of sense according to Amazon studies, since as their statistics point out, users interact more with devices with a screen than with those that only have a speaker.

And a robot could not be missing

Amazon robot echo

When we talk about a robot When it comes to robotics, we probably always think of the figure of a robot vacuum cleaner, however, it seems that Amazon’s idea is to bet on something even more futuristic. This prospect appears to have raised concerns about feasibility among company staff and even Jeff Bezos himself, but it seems that for now the idea is moving forward.

The robot in question would be oriented towards the safety of the house, and with a 7-10 inch screen it would offer information and an interface with which to interact with the user. This robot would chase the user when he needs his attention, and although it does not have arms and legs, it is capable of detecting obstacles and recognizing the corridors of the house without problems. Something like a Roomba with personality.

More speakers for the living room

Another of the products that seem to be quite advanced is a speaker that for now is still missing from the Amazon calendar. It is a Sound bar designed to be connected to a Smart TV and thus offer better sound quality than that of the TV’s built-in speakers. It is a solution that already exists in the market through other manufacturers, but where Amazon would have an excellent opportunity considering its potential.

The most peculiar point would come with the integration of a camera that would serve to carry out videoconferences, although it is not known exactly how the integration with the TV will be to bring the image to the screen (will it work like a Fire TV perhaps?).

On the other hand, another device designed for the car would connect to your phone via Bluetooth to access Alexa and other services. It would be the second generation of Echo Auto, it would come with updated technology and it would allow wireless charging with your phone.

When will we see these devices?

The information published by Bloomberg only talks about the ideas in development or raised in the Amazon think tank, so they may hit the market this year, in the next few years or dissolve until they are forgotten and remain as a discarded idea. We’ll see if the next event that the brand has prepared for next September 28 helps us discover some of these products.

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