A compact mechanical keyboard for € 25? KROM Kasic TKL

Really, for users who use the PC just for gaming and little else, having a full keyboard can be a hassle, although most don’t realize it until they try a TKL keyboard. Aware of this, KROM has taken advantage of the situation to launch this TKL version of its Kasic keyboard, with the same characteristics but eliminating the number pad on the right side so that its use, at least in gaming, is more comfortable.

KROM Kasic TKL, a quality keyboard in a compact format

As when the manufacturer announced the launch of its “big brother”, this keyboard is designed to provide very good features with excellent quality and durability, but at a contained price; For this reason, you will be surprised to know that the price of this keyboard is just 24.90 euros, something that can give the impression to many that they are buying a bad product, but you should already know by now that when we talk about KROM, cheap does not mean bad, far from it.

Of course, and as a good gaming keyboard worth its salt, the Kasic TKL has mechanical switches which, in this case, are Outemu Red, of linear and silent operation and that require 47 grams of force for the activation of each key, keys that incidentally have a life expectancy of 50 million keystrokes, so at no time will you have to worry that the keyboard will be damaged by continued use.

As a compact TKL keyboard, the Kasic TKL has a total of 87 keys, including 12 multimedia keys. Its anti-ghosting capacity is 25 keys (25-Key Rollover), so you will not have to worry about pressing as many keys or combinations as you want, the keyboard will not lock and will send all your keystrokes to the PC with a minimum delay (it has 1,000 Hz polling rate, which translates to 1 ms response time). In addition, its WASD keys are interchangeable with the direction keys, it has «game mode»(WIN key lock) and RGB lighting.

Kasic TKL

Talking about the RGB lighting, it must be said that, in this keyboard, we only have the option of having it turned off completely or with a Rainbow effect in which the RGB colors are “moving” from one end of the keyboard to the other. There is no possibility of configuring the independent lighting per key or creating other effects, so this can be considered as a negative point in this device (however, we cannot ask for pears to the elm either and being a keyboard of only 25 Euros, enough details have ).

Regarding the design, we have already commented before that it is TKL, so it lacks the numeric pad that we usually have on the right side of the keyboard, but KROM has also reduced the size to a minimum (which, by the way, is 347 x 122 x 45 mm and weighs just 630 grams) eliminating edges, wrist rests and others, with the aim of leaving the maximum space available on the table, and very especially as we have already mentioned before in the right area, where right-handed users have the mouse , thus giving us more space to move this.

The brand does not specify with what materials it has built this device, although it does emphasize that they are of first quality so that the keyboard lasts for years and years without being damaged or without showing signs of wear, since as they themselves indicate, it has Premium finishes. . In any case, it should also be mentioned that the keyboard does not have USB Passthrough, and that it only needs a USB 2.0 connector (standard type A) to function to the best of its capabilities. Obviously, this keyboard is compatible with Windows in all its versions, and since it does not even need software it will also work well on Linux and even MacOS.

Do you need a TKL keyboard if you only play on PC?

TKL keyboard

Generally, the area of ​​the numeric pad of conventional keyboards is not used too much, only at specific times when you have to enter numbers such as to do accounts or enter your ID or date of birth in a form. But, if you use the keyboard only for gaming and little else, then that key zone you will not use for almost anything. Obviously, deleting it can cause you to miss it, at least in the beginning, but once you get used to using the numbers that are in the key zone, you will stop doing it.

And of course, eliminating that area on the right leaves much more space for the mouse area, something that right-handed users will notice a lot and especially if they play with a low sensitivity on it, since it allows a much wider movement to the right and left. without the mouse physically colliding with the keyboard. In fact, the posture for typing is different than the one we have for gaming, and most users move the keyboard to the left to make more room for the mouse, forcing the posture and causing possible discomfort by not having a correct posture.

With a TKL keyboard you have just what you need, and with options like this one that KROM presents, you also have the guarantee that you are buying a good peripheral, which will last you a long time, and on which you also won’t have to spend too much money. . What else to ask for?

Price and availabilityKROM TKL

As we have already told you before, KROM has announced that the price of this keyboard is 24.90 Euros, and we can find it in the usual points of sale of this brand such as Amazon, PcComponentes or VS Gamers. The manufacturer has also announced that it will begin to be available in stores from the end of November 2021, so for now we will have to wait (but possibly it will arrive in time for the Black Friday promotions and we can find it even cheaper still).

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