A deck teardown and rotten eggs for Jeff Bezos’ superyacht

Since retiring from Amazon, Jeff Bezos has had all the time in the world and the money to go with it to afford the most extravagant. Last year, he took off as a space tourist. And this summer, he will take possession of an exceptional superyacht from all points of view. If he manages to get it delivered…

For a billionaire, retirement is an opportunity to fulfill the wildest dreams: going into space, traveling around the world… Jeff Bezos, who has deep pockets after having created and managed Amazon for years, benefits full of his free time. Last year, he offered himself a return trip to orbit in a Blue Origin rocket.

Rotten eggs and tomatoes for the yacht

He also pulled out the checkbook to buy a superyacht, built in Rotterdam by Dutch specialist Oceanco. An impressive vessel 127 meters long, known as “Y721”. It will quite simply be the largest boat of its kind in the world, carrying many luxurious refinements as well as a helipad.

The yacht also has masts 40 meters high, which is not without posing a serious problem. Because to go to sea, it will be imperative to dismantle a historic bridge in Rotterdam. The De Hef bridge will have to endure dismantling work, while it underwent major renovations between 2014 and 2017. The municipality then promised that the infrastructure would never be dismantled again…

To justify its broken promise, the town hall evokes the jobs created by the shipyard and by the construction of the superyacht of Jeff Bezos. It also ensures that the bridge will be rebuilt identically. There are hardly any other options, since it is the only road to the sea…

This story obviously made waves. A Facebook group of disgruntled citizens in turn promises that when “Y721” goes to sea, they will be there en masse to throw rotten eggs and tomatoes at him! More than 4,500 people have said they want to participate at the moment.

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