A look at what’s new in Microsoft 365 in May

The Redmond giant has launched a Important update for Microsoft 365 towards the end of this month of May, and in this article we are going to share with you the most important news. Said update is already available, so it is only a matter of time until it begins to reach all the clients of said office suite.

Let’s start with Viva Goals, the newest module for Microsoft Viva, is the result of Microsoft’s acquisition of and is integrated into Teams. Viva Goals is designed to help align our teams with our company’s strategic priorities. This allows employees to have clearer guidelines and better focus on their work, which should result in significant optimization.

Another of the great novelties that have come to Microsoft 365 with the May update has been the launch of the Microsoft Lists application for Android. It is aimed primarily at business users, and allows us to access our lists anywhere. Needless to say, this makes many things easier, such as event management, issue and asset tracking, and employee onboarding.

The Redmond giant has also improved Teams notifications on mobile devices, making managing them much easier while also being less obtrusive. To achieve this goal, with the latest update to Microsoft 365 notifications show less annoying popupsa new drawing has been introduced for the notification indicator at the top of the screen and we also have new functions to preview, collapse and delete notifications with a simple touch.

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The May update for Microsoft 365 has also introduced other relevant new features, such as the feature “Storytelling” (“Storytelling”) in PowerPoint, which will allow us to make interactive presentations, and others such as a tutorial for Microsoft Forms, new templates for Visio and cross-device experience improvements under Microsoft Forms.

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