A lot of motherboard and little bread: do we need so many models?

We must bear in mind that we currently have different types of motherboards. Classified according to the type of box on which we are going to mount it. However, there is another categorization within each generation of processors and that is the fact that we have different chipsets within each generation and for each processor. Now, we must start from the fact that the function of the chipset today is no longer what it was on a day-to-day basis.

Why is there saturation of motherboard models?

Originally, the chipset consisted of two chips: Northbridge and Southbridge. The first of these was the memory controller and controlled access to RAM by processors and the rest of the PC’s components. Today this component is integrated into the CPU or processor. The second is still there and is the current chipset and is a hub for all interfaces or I/O ports for external peripherals and is what remains.

Well, if we look at the diagram of any motherboard, we will see that the chipset is connected through a PCI Express interface to the AMD or Intel processor. However, this observation leads us to a conclusion about the saturation of motherboard models because we can move such functionality on an external expansion card with the ports we need.

That is, as more and more components have been integrated into the processor, the motherboard has been simplified and is not as complex as it was originally. What makes model saturation ultimately nonsense.

Wouldn’t a single motherboard model be better?

Instead of having different chipsets in each generation, it would be better to have one that is universal, add an extra PCI Express x4 socket, and sell adapter cards with as many different ports as the user needs. Today inside the CPU we not only have the memory controller, but also PCI Express interfaces for the graphics card, the SSD storage unit and even USB ports. In other words, it would be possible to build a desktop PC with the basics without the chipset.

gigabyte updates bios of motherboards with amd chipset for ryzen 7 5800x3d processor

Of course, the additional ports of the chipset are needed in several cases, but what all this does is create a saturation of motherboards in the market. Of course, this differentiation allows them to mark prices for these additional capacities and extend benefits in the highest ranges. However, the reality is that many users end up opting for mid-range chipsets as they are good enough for their needs.

In any case, all our opinion is based on our knowledge and the fact that today the vast majority of users do not make use of a good part of the motherboard’s capabilities. In other words, it would be best to pay only for the capabilities that we know we are going to use or that will not be useful in the future.

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