a multitude of gifts with the Galaxy Watch6 at Fnac!

The Samsung Galaxy Watch6 is currently the subject of several exceptional offers at Fnac! Exceptional discount, trade-in bonus, free external battery, discount on a bracelet, etc. We detail everything below.

Are you looking for a connected watch, but you haven’t yet dared to get started? Fnac is offering you a golden opportunity: a multitude of gifts offered for any purchase of the Samsung Galaxy Watch6.

So, by purchasing the watch for €319.99, you can take advantage of the following offers:

  • An immediate discount of -50€ for Fnac members
  • Up to €100 trade-in bonus + an external battery offered by Samsung (valid until 09/30)
  • €100 discount for the simultaneous purchase of the watch with a Galaxy Z Fold5 or Z Flip5 smartphone (valid until 09/30)
  • -€20 discount on a Galaxy Watch6 bracelet (valid until 09/30)
  • 4 months of free subscription for Deezer Premium or Deezer Family

The Galaxy Watch6: your future well-being companion

Much more than just a watch, the Galaxy Watch6 can accompany you throughout the day. Equipped with advanced sensors that allow you to constantly monitor your health, it can measure your heart rate, blood oxygen level, stress level and even your sleep quality. You will receive real-time alerts to help you stay fit and manage your daily well-being.

This smart watch also acts as a real personal coach. It can track your physical activities, whether it’s running, swimming, cycling or other sports. You will receive feedback on your performance and tips to improve your workouts. In addition, it can store music to accompany you during your sports sessions, without needing your phone.

As an added bonus, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 offers exceptional battery life. You can wear it for several days without having to constantly recharge it. This means you can use it day and night to monitor your sleep, activity and health, without interruption.

In addition to its health tracking features, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 is a versatile smartwatch. It allows you to receive notifications from your smartphone, answer calls, check your emails and even control your smart home. You can customize its dial and straps to match your personal style.

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