A new firmware version for AirTags is now available

Firmware updates for AirTags keep coming and in this case it is a new version released a few hours ago by Apple for locator devices. We can say that these new versions do not change anything in the operation of the device and that the user does not have to force the installation as it is done automatically.

In my case, the news published by the media in which version 1A291f is indicated coincides with the one I have installed, in addition, what is mentioned about this new version is that Apple put a limit on updates and in this case what is done is to remove this limit …

Undoubtedly, it is important to be clear at the moment that there is a new version of the firmware of these AirTags but logically these are not critical security updates so it is possible that Apple will launch them in a more staggered way as is happening today.

How to check if our AirTag is up to date?

The task may seem complicated but nothing is further from the truth. In this case we have to use the iPhone associated with the Apple ID of the AirTag to see the information and here we will see how it is done. The first thing we have to do is enter the Search application.

Now once we are inside the Search application at the bottom we find several menus and we have to click on «Objects». Once we have simply clicked we have to touch on the name that we have given to our AirTag and there again we will click on the name At the top, you will see how the serial number and firmware of your AirTag appear.

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