A new version of Windows 11 is here, and it looks better than ever

As usual, this new version of Windows 11 is reaching all users through Windows Update. The download and installation is fast, so in just over 5 minutes we can be enjoying this new compilation of the OS.

Download build 22000.100 Windows 11

What’s new in Windows 11 Build 22000.100

The first of the novelties of this new update is that, finally, Microsoft has begun to bring Insider users, within the Dev channel, its new Teams chat. These days ago we have seen some “tricks” to activate it in previous compilations, but now we simply have to update and wait until, very soon, we can get our hands on it.

Little by little, the different elements of Windows 11 are becoming more consistent with each other. This time it was the turn of the hidden elements of the system tray. The new dropdown panel now looks the same as the rest of the OS elements, such as floating and having round corners.

System tray build 22000.100 Windows 11

Another novelty included is that, within the notifications, we will now have a button that will allow us to access the concentration assistant more quickly.

Concentration assistant build 22000.100 Windows 11

Until now, when a program in the background required our attention, it would blink. Microsoft has taken advantage of the new build 22000.100 to update this warning system making the blinking much more discreet so that, although it attracts attention, it does not mislead us from what we are doing.

Other relevant changes that we can find in this new OS compilation are:

  • The touch keyboard icon is now more consistent with the rest of the taskbar items.
  • Improvements in the calendar that appears on the desktop.
  • The new Microsoft Store is available, notably improving the way you navigate through it and find all kinds of content.

Bugs fixed in build 22000.100

Of course, it couldn’t be an Insider build if Microsoft hadn’t included a number of bug fixes in this new update:

  • Taskbar
    • Fixed a bug that caused the bar to close when clicking on time and date with the concentration assistant activated.
    • Added the missing configuration icons in the context menu for network, volume and battery.
    • Fixed an issue that caused the clock to get stuck and out of sync.
    • Fixed an issue that caused explorer.exe to crash related to the volume icon.
    • Fixed a bug that caused the progress bar to not appear on some icons.
    • The start menu, or the search bar, now closes when clicking on the taskbar.
    • The animations are the same when using the touch controls than when using the mouse.
    • The lunar calendar no longer overlaps numbers.
    • The calendar drop-down menu now shows the correct month when collapsed.
    • The date at the top of the calendar should now match the preferred format.
    • The mouse appears in front of the taskbar when hovering the mouse when startup is open.
    • Right-clicking on the task view now closes that window to display the context menu.
    • Clicking on a snapshot group on the taskbar may not display all windows after docking and undocking.
    • Fixed bugs in IME keyboards.
    • After logging out and logging in again with battery saver options enabled, the taskbar should not be transparent.
    • Fixed an issue that could cause the network icon to not appear on the taskbar.
    • Taskbar preview no longer appears off screen.
  • Setting
    • The buttons on the configuration panel should work normally again.
    • Screen titles should be displayed correctly and not drawn too high or too low.
    • When looking to add and remove programs we should now see the appropriate configuration option.
    • The search is now faster.
    • Fixed errors that caused a crash in the configuration of the Windows Insider section.
    • Fixed an issue that caused settings to crash on startup.
    • Fixed an issue in the rendering of the power and battery settings icons.
    • Fixed some reliability issues on the language and region page.
    • Fixed a bug in the desktop preview that showed as if a black background was used.
    • The font of the lock screen preview must match the network.
    • Quick settings icons are no longer reversed.
    • The brightness slider should now be much more accurate thanks to the value numbers, just like with the sound.
  • File Browser
    • Opening the context menu with the mouse no longer shows a strange rectangle.
    • Adjusted the start menu according to the comments provided by users.
    • Fixed a flicker when displaying the new item in the menu.
    • Improved the position of the context menu.
    • Fixed several bugs that affected the reliability of the explorer when right-clicking on some files, such as ZIP.
    • The “unpin from startup” option works again.
  • Seeker
    • Fixed a bug that caused the search to appear square.
    • Adjusted the position of the search window when the taskbar is aligned to the left.
    • Fixed preview when hovering over the icon.
    • Websites should now display correctly when hovering over the search icon.
  • Widgets
    • Settings are no longer lost.
    • The dashboard and content should now be sized appropriately when using multiple monitors.
    • Fixed an issue that caused widgets to not work when logging in.
    • The widget board clock now respects its format.
  • Other fixes
    • Removed “Standard hardware security is not supported” message on computers with supported hardware.
    • Fixes when using the WIN + X shortcut.
    • Fingerprint unlock should work normally again.
    • Fixed an accessibility issue when pressing Tab then Shift + Tab.
    • Fixed a bug that made pop-ups not disappear when clicking outside of them.
    • Fixed an infinite buble error that prevented some equipment from shutting down.
    • The title bar should display correctly in all programs.
    • Fixed a flickering bug on the desktop background.
    • Sticky Notes and Microsoft To Do no longer crash on launch.
    • Fixed a DWM memory leak when rotating the device.
    • Fixed a bug in the Windows Update text.
    • Window borders now display correctly.
    • Disabling the “show shadows under windows” option should now do it.
    • Fixed various issues in context menus and tooltips.
    • Fixed an issue where the network icon on the lock screen and the login screen were not the same.

Known bugs

Microsoft has also taken the opportunity to update the list of known errors in this build but that are still pending to be solved. These are:

  • Start
    • Sometimes we cannot write text in the search engine on the start or on the taskbar.
    • Absence of some options when right-clicking on startup, or using WIN + X.
  • Taskbar
    • The taskbar sometimes flickers when changing input methods.
  • Settings
    • When opening the settings a green flash may appear.
    • Quick settings may not save some settings.
    • Settings are locked when entering Windows Hello if facial recognition is enabled.
  • File Browser
    • Explorer.exe hangs and consumes 100% CPU when using Turkish language.
    • The context menu is sometimes not complete and appears truncated.
    • When clicking an icon, or a context menu entry, sometimes the wrong one can be selected.
  • Seeker
    • Sometimes the search engine does not open when clicking on the icon on the taskbar.
    • Hovering over the search icon may not display recent searches.
    • The search panel may appear completely black with no entries.
  • Widgets
    • The widget board may appear empty.
    • Launching apps from the widget panel can cause them to appear in the background.
    • Widgets can appear the wrong size when using external monitors.
  • Microsoft Store
    • Searches can be imprecise.
    • The install button may not be available for some applications.
    • Ratings and reviews are not available for some apps.
  • Windows security
    • Automatic sample submission is disabled when the PC is restarted.
    • Windows Hello can give generic errors.
  • Translation
    • Some translations may be missing in some specific languages.

And, for now, Microsoft has not confirmed any more bugs in build 22000.100 of its new Windows 11.

Should I download the new build 22000.100?

If you are an Insider user and have been testing the previous builds, either on a test PC or in a virtual machine, then yes, since build 22000.100 fixes a significant number of bugs and problems that will affect you. However, if we are thinking of using this new Windows 11 on our main computer, then what we should do is wait.

Windows 11 is still in a very early stage of its development, and as we can see, a large number of bugs, errors and problems are corrected every week that, if we experience them on our main PC, can become annoying.

When Microsoft releases a build to the beta channel, then we can venture (always with caution) to test this new OS. Meanwhile, better wait.

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