A pregnant young woman and her 22-month-old daughter disappeared in 1998: they were found 23 years later underwater

Samantha hopper She was about to turn 20 when her family did not hear from her again. The young I was pregnant and he carried with him Courtney, your little 22 month old daughter, when she was last seen on her way to Russellville, Arkansas, where he would leave the girl in charge and then go to a concert in Little Rock.

The September 11, 1998 was the last time anything was known about the young mother, who then I was 8 months pregnant, and her little daughter. For more than two decades the case has been open After the disappearance of Samantha and Courtney, however, the searches and dissemination of their file had not borne fruit.

Even his other daughter, Dezarae, who was just a child when her mother left and did not return, has been collaborating for several years to find the whereabouts of Samantha and little Courtney, who was weeks away from turning two when she disappeared.

A case opened for 23 years

The search for Samantha and her daughter Courtney it had spanned more than two decades; the authorities never closed the case and for this reason his file has continued to circulate in Arkansas, other cities in the United States and more recently on social networks.

Taking advantage of the internet boom, Dezarae approached a nonprofit organization diver’s lick Adventures with Purpose, which began as an initiative to clean rivers and ended up investigating cases that have not been resolved, after finding evidence and bodies in the water.

A little over a month and a half after the 23rd anniversary of the disappearance of both, the Samantha’s eldest daughter got a call in the past October 26th: Volunteer divers supporting the NGO you contacted they had found a car identical to his mother’s under a bridge, the vehicle was submerged in water, about two and a half meters from the surface and about 25 meters from the shore.

The calls Chaos Divers they had been searching near Pleasant View Road, in Wisconsin, and they found the car Ford Tempo blue. When Samantha disappeared, she had just acquired it so she did not have license plates yet, however, the information crossing helped determine that it was the 19-year-old mother’s car.

“Words cannot really describe what it is like to see the suffering of a family dissipate because they finally have answers … What we offer them is not closure for them, but they are answers to the trauma they had,” said Douglas Bishop, one of the main divers of Chaos Divers in an interview with the media after rescuing the young woman’s vehicle.

These specialized divers They explained on their official Facebook page that Samantha Hopper’s family was present when they pulled the vehicle out of the water. Within there were human remains, which were sent to a crime lab to perform DNA tests, however, the loved ones of both women assume that it is about them.

“We are grateful to have helped a little to close this 23-year-old case,” Pope Sheriff Shane Jones told the media, offering his sincere condolences to the family.

With information from Adventures with Purpose, Chaos Divers and Fox News


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