A rumor places the AirPods Pro 2 in summer 2022

The arrival of the new Second-generation AirPods Pro could be scheduled for the third quarter of next year. This period corresponds directly to the summer, and is that Apple counts the quarters differently and it is not in the last part of the year but it would be between July 1 and September 30.

A few days ago, Bloomberg’s own Marc Gurman, reported the possible arrival of these headphones for at least the second quarter of the year and now a leak places it a little further. There really is no specific date for its release but everything seems to indicate that it will be later than we can think.

The latest rumor that indicates the arrival of these second generation AirPods Pro for this third quarter of 2022 comes from Twitter user FronTron. This warned at first that Apple headphones would be launched during the second quarter of the year, but now he rectifies to say that they will arrive a few months later. This user does not have many leaks on their backs as Gurman or Ming-Chi Kuo himself may have, the fact is that the times he said something about Apple products he was right according to MacRumors.

There is still a long way to go to these dates so we will have to be aware of the rumors and the possible release date for these new 2nd Gen AirPods Pro.

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