a sequel in two years?

After a shower of accolades and undeniable success at the box office, Joker could be offered a sequel. Filming is expected to start in 2023.

Joker made a lot of noise when it was released in 2019. A real tour de force for Warner Bros, the feature film by Todd Phillips proved that the DC franchise could deviate from the beaten track and reap laurels to make its principal pale. Marvel competitor. A critical and public success which will have allowed the studios to garner no less than a billion in revenue and for Joaquin Phoenix to afford a new Oscar for his performance.

An unexpected and unprecedented success for the universe, which then multiplied the odds on the big screen. We therefore imagined that faced with such a wave of ovations and praise, Warner Bros. would not be long in starting work on a sequel. Several rumors also mentioned the development of a second film, still with Todd Philipps behind the camera.

Almost three years later, still no news of this second part. At least until the American media heroic hollywood shares its exclusions on the subject. According to his information, which would come from a person familiar with the matter but who refused to be quoted, the filming could be launched during the year 2023. This anonymous informant would also have added that “script details are kept in a cell at Arkham Asylum”, no question of revealing much more for the moment. We will therefore continue to take all this news with caution, awaiting confirmation from Warner Bros, Joaquin Phoenix and Todd Philipps to start popping the champagne.

Willem Dafoe in the cast?

Currently showing at Spider-Man: No Way Home, Willem Dafoe was asked about a possible participation in this second opus of Joker. He notably shared a screenplay idea which, we must admit, is rather intriguing. “It would be interesting to have a Joker impersonator. So it would be possible, not to oppose two Jokers, but someone who claims to be the Joker when he is not. It opens up the possibility of an interesting story, especially if it’s Joaquin Phoenix playing the Joker against someone who is impersonating or aping what he does.”

Nevertheless, it is essentially an idea shared in the heat of the moment and which will probably never see the light of day. The least we can say is that entrusting such a role to Willem Dafoe is not meaningless. The actor is used to antagonists and has more than once distinguished himself in the genre. He was also offered an important place in the plot of Spider-Man: No Way Home. After marking generations of Marvel superhero worshipers, a move to DC seems quite logical.

For now, DC fans’ eyes are on The Batman directed by Matt Reeves. In this new adventure, the knight should face many iconic antagonists of the universe. However, the Joker is not currently on the program. Unless Warner Bros has decided to slip us a surprise appearance. It’s a persistent rumor on the other side of the Atlantic…

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