Adobe Lightroom’s new Artificial Intelligence will make you edit photos like a pro

Adobe is a software firm that offers us a huge number of solutions, many of them focused on working with multimedia content. Lightroom It is a clear example that allows us to edit our photos and that has just been updated with interesting functions focused on Artificial Intelligence.

We tell you all this because just a few hours ago this software giant has presented the new AI-focused features coming to its Lightroom solution. In fact, these advantages are also available in the classic versionMobile and Web, all with the aim of trying to make things easier for us when it comes to edit our images.

It must be taken into account that not everyone has the necessary knowledge to obtain acceptable results, hence the usefulness of Artificial Intelligence in these tasks. Thus, the new functions of adobe sensei AI-powered apps allow for more intuitive photo editing while improving our productivity here. The company has made it clear that these new features that try to make it easier for us to work with Adobe Lightroom are now available for us to try.

New with AI to make Adobe Lightroom easier to use

One of the main functions that have just arrived and that makes use of Artificial Intelligence will help us greatly to remove noise from our images. This will be of enormous help if we have made the capture in low light conditions. This advanced Lightroom feature based on the AI allows us to remove digital noise from images without loss of quality.

Even in images with a ISO high, we will now get impressive results with minimal effort. Also, it is important to know that the new feature is now available for RAW files.

On the other hand, the AI ​​will also be very helpful in the section on masking curves. With this novelty we will be able to create personalized and precise editions in terms of contrast, tone and color of certain parts image specific. All this thanks to the aforementioned masking curves that provide us with much more precise control over the color in specific regions of a photo, all in a simple way.

This is a functionality that has just arrived and that will be very useful when highlighting the details of the shadows. It also helps to correct the color, or add effects. Furthermore, thanks to the aforementioned Artificial intelligence included, we will obtain amazing results. What’s more, the AI ​​skins that allow us to select elements such as skies and backgrounds are already available in the web version of the application. Thus, with one click we can create an adaptive mask based on the image content.

lightroom masks

New functions have been included for the use of the masks in the photo editor, or in the presets. So we can improve the face of the people in the image. Another novelty that has come to the application is the possibility of exporting a photo with a frame or border. This extends to the mobile version of Lightroom.

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