if it doesn’t arrive soon it will be a failure

Needless to say, the weariness that wakes up now, not the snake but the summer soap opera in which the signing of the French player by Real Madrid has become. We have spent several years with the same refrain: “there are options”, “negotiations are advanced”, “there will be a presentation”, “it is imminent”… “Mbappé has renewed for PSG”. The fact is that the amount of information that leaks is such that something that could be becomes an obsession: “either they sign him or it will be a failure” whoever.

Nintendo Switch 2 is in the same

If we have used this parallelism with Mbappé, it is only to make a comparison with what is happening in recent weeks around the alleged Switch 2, about which a lot is being heard and about which we will soon know so much that if it does not end up arriving it will be a failure for Nintendo for not having said anything officially. When the Japanese, surely, go at their own pace, dosing the information, they have their calendar already defined and the same thing they do not want to put anything on sale until 2025.

But such is the pressure that is exerted, little by little, that sometimes the companies themselves are dragged by this need of the fans to be informed and to see, in this case the console, as soon as possible in their hands. As in the case of Mbappé, who without her having said anything beyond what was expected, all that surrounds him are bickering, rumors, leaks, insiders close to one side and the other but tangible, that can be verified, nothing at all.

nintendo switch 2 nvidia tegra

The point is that Nintendo Switch 2, they say, it exists, it already has a shape, the studios are working for her and with everything we know it seems that it has to go on sale now. Without delay. One way or the other. But let her do it now.

Everybody talks

In recent days we have learned that Nintendo Switch will have the power of a PS4, more or less, that it will continue with what is seen in the current machine that the Japanese have on the market and that it could even add a kind of mouse wheel to include another type of control to those we already know from the Joy-Con . In the same way, they guarantee us that games like The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom They will no longer suffer at 20 frames per second and that the transition from one model to another will be transparent, easy, fast and without any obstacles, especially since it will replicate what was seen in the first generation. We know everything about Switch 2… except the important stuff. What is When does Nintento want to put it up for sale?at what price and with what games.

With all of the above, we have no doubt that the japanese are working slowly but surely and, above all, without the obligation of having to do it because public opinion has insisted that something you want should come true as soon as possible. As in the Mbappé case. So relax and enjoy how much the city still has to offer us. old Nintendo Switch.

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