After the rumors: Would you like to keep looking at a MacBook with a Touch Bar?

Improved Twitter compatibility with the Touch Bar

Back in 2016, what was an incredible novelty for Apple came on the market and could change the way in which people could use the computer. The Touch Bar was introduced along with other novelties that in the end have shown that they have not worked well or that they have not even had the acceptance that they should. We are talking about the butterfly keyboard, the ESC key or the virtual bar itself to have secondary actions depending on which program is being executed. Now rumors indicate that the Touch Bar could have its days numbered.

The new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros now indicate that they may not add the Touch Bar.

As we already told you, Display Supply Chain Consultants, indicates in a new report published in media such as 9To5Mac that the next Apple computers would come without this Touch Bar. This component that was added in october 2016 Y now on Apple computers could now come to an end. Five years later it seems that it has not had the depth that was intended by its creators. The Touch Bar was intended to simplify the work of those MacBook users, but the reality is that it is hardly used.

It is true that It depends a lot on how you use it. It is not the same to always work with Excel for example, in which the Touch Bar defends itself very well, than to do it with Photoshop, which normally uses a digitizing tablet that makes things much easier and where the Touch Bar does not improve its use if not, it can even hinder more than anything else. That’s why I always say that it depends on the use you are going to give. That is essential. But it is true that at the moment, the surveys that I am seeing on the Internet are all saying the same thing: The user does not want that Touch Bar.

In another article written by one of our colleagues, it is said that when Apple introduced this bar it seems that it was creating a need that did not exist until that moment. The Touch Bar was not very necessary, and if the idea was to be able to solve and make life easier for users, it seems that what was sought was not achieved.

It is more than likely that few people will miss this virtual bar if it ends up being removed

It is also likely that the inclusion of this virtual bar was introduced along with other changes in the MacBook that made “humanity” lose confidence in Apple. The elimination of the ESC key, the butterfly keyboard that has been defenestrated by the public, criticized even by Apple itself. If you add to this that you add a new virtual bar that on paper it seems that it is going to contribute but then the reality is much worse, Then it ends up taking a grudge and you don’t even want to see it.

Spending money on a MacBook Pro in 2016 seems that it was not the best of decisions and even so, many units were sold that right now will become history and thank goodness that it will be. All these new features have been removed, except for one, The Touch Bar. But rumors suggest that the next 14 and 16-inch models will no longer come with it. That means much more space to play with and also if you remove that virtual bar you should make the product cheaper because it lacks that expensive and useless technology.

I think few people will miss the Touch Bar if finally Apple gets rid of it in the new models, Taking into account that it is a bar that does not really help to be more efficient or effective. Only time will tell but Apple should heed the surveys that are being made in reference to this issue and listen to users as they ask that it be removed from computers.

We will see it next fall without a doubt. If they remove it myself, at least I will be happy almost the same as when they removed the butterfly keyboard.

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