3 Ways to use the Apple Watch to improve your well-being

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, reducing stress and improving well-being have become very important topics. The Apple Watch has different functions that can help us with this issue.

Breathe and the Mindfulness App on Apple Watch

The Apple Watch has a breath reminder function that can help us take a moment to relax and breathe more consciously. The watch will remind you to take a few minutes to focus on your breathing and relax. This practice can help you reduce stress, anxiety, lower your heart rate, and improve your focus.

The Mindfulness App, which is a native application in watchOS, can also help us in this regard. This application is divided into three sections: Breathe, Reflect and now it also has an integration with Fitness+ to audio meditations In the breathing section, each session uses the haptic feedback of the Apple Watch to indicate when we should inhale and when we should exhale. On the other hand, in the Reflect section, the App offers us a question while we are breathing.

Do yoga with Apple Watch

Another way to access a function that can help us relax, but this time with movements that involve the whole body, are the yoga sessions on Apple Watch. For this we recommend two options. The first is to use the Apple Watch’s native Exercise app and select the yoga option. You can perform the poses or stretches yourself and adapt the practice according to your preferences. If you want to do a guided session you can use Apple Fitness+ from your iPhone and continue the practice on the Apple Watch.

A third-party solution is the app YogaToday. This app gives us access to free and paid yoga sessions and plans. In addition, you can view the postures and all the movements directly from the Apple Watch without the need to use the iPhone.

Use one of the most popular Apps: Headspace

The Headspace app is one of the most popular apps for making meditations on the iPhone and also on the Apple Watch. It is a meditation and mindfulness application that offers us a wide variety of guided programs to reduce stress, improve concentration, and promote mental calm. If you use Headspace on Apple Watch, you can easily access meditation sessions right from your wrist. The app guides us through breathing exercises that are tailored to our needs and level of experience. You can select between different programs and enter data such as the frequency with which you want to meditate or the duration of the sessions.


Thanks to the Apple Watch we can now take these mindfulness and meditation practices anywhere and we can use them at any time. In addition, it can also be an incentive for those people who find it difficult to be consistent with this type of practice.

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