After thousands of layoffs, Salesforce is hiring again: 3,300 positions open

After laying off some 8,000 employees last January, Salesforce hires new staff again, according to Bloomberg. They will be 3,300 people who will become part of its staff, in a step that represents the recovery of 40% of the positions lost at the beginning of the year.

As stated its CEO, Marc Benioffduring the company’s recently held annual Dreamforce event, his work «is to grow the company and continue to achieve high margins«. He then added that they are aware that they have to «hire thousands of people«.

This wave of hiring will be distributed between the sales and engineering departments, as well as in areas related to its data cloud products. They would be, according to Salesforce COO, Brian Millham, the most successful in Salesforce today, which makes them want to have an increase in personnel to reinforce them.

At Salesforce, they have also decided to bet on Artificial Intelligence as one of the main drivers for a new cycle of investment in technology. In your case, this new investment will occur above all in your data cloud, which allows the organization of information from various sources. During Dreamforce 2023, the company has confirmed that its current customers will have various types of access to the data cloud for free.

At the same time, Salesforce continues to try to reduce expenses, boost profits and grow its revenue. Investors, for now, seem satisfied with the measures it has taken so far, since Its shares have risen 65% since the beginning of this year.

Of course, the announcement of these hires does not mean that there will not be more layoffs at Salesforce. Only from now on the job reductions will be more strategic. Therefore, it is likely that they will be much smaller and only in certain areas. At the end of July, Salesforce had 70,456 employees worldwide.

They have also pointed out that in many cases, hiring will be boomerang type. That is, people who worked at Salesforce and were later hired by another company, and who will now return to Salesforce. Thus, not long ago they hired employees with a high level of experience, from Snowflake and Twilio, who already worked at Salesforce.

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