Aim: Shazam comes to Chrome, Firefox turns its back on Bitcoin, and tries this browser now

The functionality that the internet browsers, as well as its interface and security, are key to opting for one proposal or another. But there are many other factors that can tip the balance one way or the other, something Mozilla is fully aware of with its Firefox.

And it is that on many occasions users are carried away with the image of the brand or simply by their use policies. Here elements such as the consumption of resources, the treatment of its workers or even the care of the environment come into play. We are talking about all this because at the moment the aforementioned Mozilla, the firm responsible for Firefox, just put the use of cryptocurrencies aside.

Mozilla moves tab against cryptocurrency mining

So that we fully understand what we are talking about, we will tell you that at this time the firm has just stopped accepting donations in the form of cryptocurrencies. This is a move that takes place largely due to criticism received from users. And it is that at the end of 2021 the Foundation Mozilla posted on Twitter that it accepted cryptocurrency donations to finance the development of the browser. However, this was not seen very well by the community.

Firefox acceleration

The main reason for this was given by harmful that mining is to the environment. Thus, many users raised their voices against Mozilla’s statement saying that it was not a good idea. It is for all this that now, in the middle of January 2022, Mozilla stops accepting cryptocurrency donations after such criticism.

Magic comes to Shazam to discover music on Chrome

If we enter the multimedia sector, surely many of you know the Shazam application. This is responsible for detecting the music that is playing at that moment to provide us with the artist and title of the song. It is an app that has been with us for many years offering us its services, for example from our mobile. However, the top managers of the project now want to broaden their horizons.

We tell you all this because from now on you can enjoy the benefits of Shazam in your Chrome browser, all in the form of an extension.


In this way we will have the possibility of using the function of this well-known tool directly from the Google browser. In addition, we have the possibility of connecting it to our apple music service, all in an extremely simple and functional way.

Shazam chrome

Files is updated with support for ARM in Windows

Many users are looking for a suitable solution to replace the usual File Explorer included in Windows. One of the most popular solutions and with the most future is Files, a solution that does not stop growing. In fact, it has recently received its latest update to reach Files 2.1 with some interesting news and fixes like the Windows support on ARM. In turn, also Properties window has been redesigned of the program so that we can adapt it to our needs. Here we are talking about a popular file management application for Windows that is constantly growing.

Files - File Manager for Windows
Files - File Manager for Windows

Similarly, an experimental option has been included to set File as default file manager on Microsoft’s system.


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