Alien: the release date of the TV series? Not until 2023

He was the head of the FX network, John Landgraf, speaking to TCA last Friday, to break the bad news to fans of the xenomorph: the Alien TV series developed by Noah Hawley, in all likelihood, will not have a release date on Disney + before 2023.

It will be a long wait for the Alien TV series, whose release date will not arrive before 2023

A few weeks after the reveal of the first details on the show, Landgraf has turned off the enthusiasm of fans by suggesting a very distant launch window for the series (which also seems to be far from certain):

It will be bestial. I am optimistic that it will air in 2023… It will probably air in 2023. We are already immersed in this project, but it is a gigantic world building exercise.

The good news is that the delay appears to be due more to the firm’s commitment to the ambitious project announced last year than to the pandemic. A project that, we recall, in addition to Hawley will also see the participation of Ridley Scott.

The series, as we know, will be set for the first time on Earth, and will contain elements that will be drawn from both the 1979 film directed by Ridley Scott and the sequel, Aliens, directed by James Cameron.

Casting of the series is expected to begin shortly.

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