All the premieres of the week coming to Netflix, Amazon and HBO

Netflix premieres of the week

These are the news coming to Netflix this week.

Monday, September 6

The week starts off strong with the premiere today of the famous The invisible thread. In it, the couturier Reynolds Woodcock meets Alma, a young woman who will soon become his muse and lover, forever changing the course of his life. The list of awards and nominations for this film is long. Do not stop seeing it.

If documentaries are your thing, then you should give Countdown: Inspiration4 Space Mission, in which chapter by chapter (one is released every Monday) you will live from the preparation to the landing of Inspiration4.

Tuesday September 7

Tomorrow Tuesday we have the premiere of On the Edge, a new series that combines drama and comedy about four women and friends who face the problems of everyday life.

The little ones also have their space to have fun tomorrow with the premiere of the second season of Kid cosmic and with the arrival of The Octonauts: On Solid Ground while sports lovers will discover a new episode of Secrets of Sport with Break Point about tennis player Mardy Fish and his mental health issues.

Wednesday, September 8

The equator of the week is loaded with premieres. On the one hand you can enjoy season 2 of Into the night and from season 3 of the reality show The Circle USA. Also on Wednesday you will have in your hand the possibility of seeing the French film in a comedy tone Black Mic Mac 2 as well as the swedish drama Winter bay.

Thursday September 9

Thursday is also going to be an entertaining day on Netflix. On the one hand we have the arrival of the movie on the billboard Honey boy, in which a movie star (played by Shia LaBeouf) battles her addiction. On the other, you can enjoy two new documentaries as they are Blood Brothers: Malcolm x and Muhammad Ali, about the changing relationship between these two historical figures, and The women and the murderer, about the capture of the serial killer Guy Georges thanks to the work of a police chief and the mother of a victim.

Friday September 10

If you are a follower of Lucifer you will like to know that season 6 of the series premieres that day. You will also have the movie at your fingertips Hunting prey, about 5 friends fleeing in a forest from a mysterious shooter, and Kate, in which a murderer tries to find out who had her poisoned during her last job in Tokyo.

Do you prefer something with a different air? Take a look at reality Master welders, a contest that will feature a group of cast metal artists looking to win a $ 50,000 prize.

HBO Premieres of the Week

HBO has little news this week although at least we have the return of chapters by Rick and morty.

Monday, September 6

Today Monday you can enjoy the last two episodes of season 5 of Rick and morty. You also have chapter 3 of New York, epicenter of 9/11 and a pandemic, a review of the tragic attack

Tuesday September 7

Tomorrow Tuesday all are continuations of series in progress with Roswell, New Mexico, Britannia and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 8

Are you still Supergirl or Stargirl? Well, you know that there are new episodes on Wednesday with chapter 10 of the sixth season and 5 of the second season, respectively.

Friday September 10

What we do in the shadows He returned a few days ago with his season 3 and on Friday he continues with his third chapter.

Sunday September 12

You won’t have to wait until the following week to finish watching the documentary New York, epicenter of 9/11 and a pandemic since on Sunday its fourth and last chapter will be available.

Premieres of the week on Amazon Prime Video

You have to wait until Thursday to find news on Amazon Prime Video.

Thursday September 9

Approaching the weekend we have the premiere of The Tragedy of Peterloo. This film directed by Mike Leigh is based on the events that occurred in Manchester in 1819 in what is known as the Peterloo Massacre.

Friday September 10

The rest of the premieres are concentrated on Friday, where you will have a lot of variety to choose from. You can start watching the series Voltarie High, set in the 60s in France or enjoy two documentaries about French football: Ici c’est Paris, 50 years of Passion (with its season 1) and PSG, O Ville Limière, 50 Ans de Légende with its season 2.

The Spanish humor film is also premiered Polyamory for Beginners and the thriller The voyeurs. You are not going to get bored.

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