All these make your Bluetooth headphones malfunction.

What can affect Bluetooth headsets

As you will see, there are certain devices that can affect the signal of the Bluetooth headphones. Avoiding putting them near these devices can help you get better results and listen to music without problems or make a call without constantly starting to cut out.

Have the router nearby

One device that can affect Bluetooth headsets is having the wifi router near. Keep in mind that Bluetooth works on a frequency around 2.4 GHz, just like Wi-Fi does on that band. Any device that connects via Wi-Fi will affect it and, especially, the router is one of them.

Therefore, avoid putting the headphones near the router, as you may have interference. Always try to put this device in an isolated place, away from other devices that it may affect.

smart speakers

Smart speakers are very present nowadays. We use them to control a wide variety of home automation devices at home. We can connect them both by Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. This means that it can also be a device that generates interference and affects the operation of other devices.

That is the case with Bluetooth headphones. If you are going to connect it near a speaker of this type, you may have problems receiving a signal correctly. You might see it cut out, start to sound bad, or you can’t get that far away.


The baby monitors They are also devices that work on the 2.4 GHz frequency. They can create interference if you are going to use Bluetooth headphones nearby. If, for example, you are in the same room or nearby, you may have problems for them to work normally and notice that they are not working as you would like.

There are different types of monitors, but generally they are going to create interference. They can affect the wireless connections of other devices that you put nearby and without realizing it.


If there is an appliance that can cause problems for wireless networks, be it Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, it is the microwave. It also works on a frequency close to 2.4 GHz. You may have trouble browsing the Internet or using Bluetooth devices if you are near the microwave.

Therefore, if you use a Bluetooth headset near the microwave, you may see that the connection is cut off, there is interference and failure. Avoid it whenever possible.

Distance and obstacles

Of course, you should also take into account the distance and possible obstacles. The further away you connect the Bluetooth headphones from the receiver, the more problems you will have. Although this wireless technology has improved a lot in recent years, the truth is that it still has limitations in terms of distance and sometimes falls short.

Obstacles, such as walls or walls, will also harm the signal. Whenever possible, avoid anything that might come between the device you’re connecting to and your headphones.

In short, all this can affect Bluetooth headphones. You can always avoid connection problems with Bluetooth, whatever device you use. Follow the advice we have given and you will see a significant improvement.

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