Alleged rapist gets nervous and tries to escape through the window, but bounces off the glass: VIDEO

A man suspected of rape He was “on the ropes” when police from the city of Blue Ash in Ohio, United States, responded to a call for help inside a hotel. When questioned, the African American man was betrayed by his nerves and tried to escape through a window.

In his attempted escape, the one accused of wanting to sexually abuse a person ran to a hotel room window without caring that he was on the sixth floor. However, for the fortune of his health, he did not manage to leave the room or break the glass by bouncing on it before the stunned gaze of the police officer who recorded the incident.

The event happened last Sunday when the hotel staff was alarmed when they saw the couple enter and saw that the man’s companion it didn’t look good. One of the managers of the enclosure discreetly asked the woman if she was feeling well.

The woman’s response was that it was wrong, based on her body language identified by the hotel employee, police said in their report.

The man and the victim knew each other

The man was identified as George Onjre Damon 20 years old. When they arrived at the scene, the policemen remained calm while they interrogated the accused who suddenly tried to flee, and despite seeing this, the uniformed men were not alarmed because they knew that the glass in the hotel room windows was reinforced.

After his failed escape that was documented in the camera of one of the uniformed men, George had no other way out than to do so under the escort of the police. The man was identified as responsible for assault, kidnapping and rape, although both the man and his partner knew each other.


He confesses to having raped four young people and the judge releases him

Rapist and murderer receive what they deserve; The first is detained at the AICM; the second is sentenced to 27 years in jail


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