Amazon offer with minimum price for these Samsung and Crucial SSDs

Are you looking to change your hard drive or expand it to have more space? A good idea is to have SSD drives, which work faster than traditional ones. We are going to show you a series of interesting offers on CDs samsung and Crucial. Several options that can come in handy for your laptop. You may notice that it runs faster, starts up sooner, and updates go better when compared to older drives.

We are going to show you options for SATA SSD drives, as well as NVMe M.2. Depending on the compatibility of your laptop, you can choose one type or another. As we always say, these offers may be available for a certain time before returning to their original price. You can take advantage of them while they are available.

hard drives on sale

A first option is this Samsung 970 EVOPlus. It is a 2TB NVMe M.2 drive. It is a very useful type of memory for small laptops, since they have a smaller size and weight than other alternatives. It has a read speed of 3500 MB per second. You can find it for €99, with a 59% discount on the usual price.

You can also find this other hard drive Samsung SSD 870 EVO. In this case, it is a disk with a capacity of 1 TB of storage. It offers good speed and great compatibility. You can use it whether you have a desktop computer or a laptop as long as they are compatible and have a SATA slot. You can find it on Amazon for €54.99 and a 19% discount.

Beyond these two Samsung hard drive options, there are also several Crucial-branded drives on sale. An example is this Crucial P3 Plus, a 1TB NVMe M.2 drive. Speed ​​up to 5000 MB per second and a great price, with a 63% discount. You can buy it on Amazon for €47.99.

If you need more space and have SATA compatibility, you can take advantage of the offer of this disk Crucial MX500 2TB. A reliable memory and a good option if you want your computer to be able to read and write to disk at a higher speed. It is available for €98.99, with a 52% discount on its original price.

One more option from the Crucial brand is this Crucial P5. In this case, it’s a 500 GB NVMe M.2 SSD. It offers a speed of up to 6600 MB per second. It has the latest technology. Among other things, it uses full hardware-based encryption, dynamic write acceleration, and thermal protection.

In short, you have a series of hard drives on sale at amazon to change the one you use on your computer. You may need more space, but also the speed of the equipment increases. These memories are ideal to speed up writing and reading. You will notice that the computer starts up sooner, that the updates take much less time to install and that, in general, the PC runs smoother. You can always analyze the health of hard drives, but buying devices from well-known and important brands, such as Samsung and Crucial, gives you more guarantees.

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