WhatsApp announces the updates of its latest version: emoji reactions arrive

After several months since its first announcement, and after a few weeks of testing, WhatsApp has finally officially announced the imminent implementation of its new Communities features and emoji reactions for messages in its next update of the application available to the general public. .

Starting with the long-awaited function of emojis, from now on we will have the ability to add reactions to messages in group and private chatswith whom we can share our opinion without having to flood the chats with new messages and mentions of past comments.

So it looks like the feature will eventually arrive under the small limitation of only six available reactions: like (thumbs up), love (heart), joy (laughing face), amazement (surprised face), sadness (crying face) and thanks (palms together)although it is not ruled out that the company adds some other emojis in its following updates.

On the other hand, WhatsApp has also announced the arrival of the new Communities feature, some meeting places similar to groups, but with a public nature that will allow us to meet other users under a specific segment of tastes. In addition, these communities will have some additional benefits for administrators, who will have some additional tools for moderation such as the ability for administrators to delete problematic messages in a group.

Following the line of the first tests seen in Argentina, the next version of WhatsApp will also include an improvement for the file sharing function, which will now allow us to share files up to 2 GB in size. Additionally, the company has also announced the increase in the capacity of its one-touch group voice calls, which will now allow up to 32 people in the same room.

While the Communities features and emoji reactions are expected to arrive in the next big update, the other two announced features point to a slightly earlier arrival within “the next few weeks”.

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