Android: here are the 10 big new features of the Google services update

Since the beginning of January 2022, Google has finally published in detail the changes made to the Android system updates distributed via the Play Store. After a first patch deployed at the beginning of the year, the Mountain View company has just released a new update. Let’s see together the modifications made by the manufacturer.

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As you may know, Google has worked for several years now to simplify and accelerate the deployment of Android system updates. Changes materialized first by Project Treble on Android 8.0, then now on MainLine on Android 11 and 12.

This protocol has notably enabled the Mountain View company to offer these patches directly via the Play Store, without requiring the intervention of the various manufacturers or operators. Thus, the user who owns a smartphone running Android 11 or Android 12 benefits from more regular updates that are easier to download and install.

The only downside of this method, Google’s lack of transparency which had the annoying habit of never listing the changes made. This error has been corrected since January 2022, since Google details the improvements made by the updates released via the Play Store.

And precisely, the company has just updated the January 2022 update page to include ten important changes in Google Play Services and the Google Play Store. The deployment of this patch began on January 14, 2022 under the references Google Play Services v22.02.03 and Google Play Store v28.8. But without further ado, here is the list of novelties

List of new features of the Google services update

Account management

  • [Auto, téléphone, tablette, TV, Wear OS] Improved the support experience for Google Account on Android by delivering more relevant content to users based on their entry point

Security and privacy

  • [Téléphone] With Add Passwords, you can manually add credentials for apps and sites in Google Password Manager


  • [Auto, Tablette, TV, Wear OS, Téléphone] New user discovery stream on supported Android devices to explain what’s new in a major OS update


  • [Téléphone] With the Android TV update, users will have a new way to connect to their TV using Android phones
  • [Téléphone] With updates to the new version of ContactUI, users can choose to accept consents


  • [Téléphone] Users will have the ability to find the layout they are looking for without having to manually scroll through it
  • [Auto, Tablette, TV, Wear OS, Téléphone] Some eligible cardholder users will default to SMS verification
  • [Téléphone, Wear OS] Improved Google Wallet experience

Service for developers

  • New developer features for Google and third-party app developers to support ads, analytics and diagnostics, machine learning, and AI-related developer services in their apps
  • Improved “Sign in with Google” UI

As a rap, to check if the update is available, head over to the Play Store, tap your profile in the top right, then Settings > About > Update Play Store.

Source: Android Police

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