Angels brings together 250 investors from all over Spain in its Investors’ Day

A total of 250 investors from all over Spain have been able to see first-hand the 13 companies presented yesterday at the Angels Investors’ Day, Juan Roig’s investment company. Entrepreneurs have had the opportunity to present the evolution of their companies, as well as the milestones reached and those they plan to achieve in the medium and long term. The opening of the act was carried out by the former NBA player and businessman, Marc Gasol.

Pepe PerisCEO of Angels, stated: “It is a pride to have brought together in Marina de Empresas the most prestigious investors in startups on the national scene. They are responsible for Investors’ Day becoming one of the main private investment events. Entrepreneurs have been able to show the great potential of their companies, so we are sure that they will achieve the recognition of investors to be able to develop their companies more solidly”.

Before the presentations of the entrepreneurs, Marc Gasol gave a talk in which he explained his experience at the head of the Basketball Girona, club that started in 2014 and that last season was promoted to the ACB League. “We started with a project to improve the city’s ecosystem and focused on grassroots basketball. We wanted to have a positive social impact, helping young people and people with difficulties. We have grown and now we are in the ACB, with the challenge of creating a sports public limited company”, has underlined. Gasol has remarked the growing weight of the sports industry in the GDP of countrieswhich has led to the “professionalization” of many clubs.

After the presentation act, investors and entrepreneurs shared impressions and subsequently held meetings one to one to analyze possible investment operations. These are the 13 companies that have been presented to investors:

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  • yakk It is a platform that allows companies and individuals to rent objects for the time they are going to use them.
  • neurocatch is a neuromarketing SaaS that applies artificial intelligence to measure and predict user behavior in the face of visual stimuli.
  • OKticket allows digital and automated management of professional travel expenses, including flexible means of payment.
  • HR Bot Factory applies AI for people management and manages to automate the most tedious tasks of the selection processes.
  • brandtrack is an intelligent and transparent musicalization platform for commercial spaces around the world.
  • ysotope combines drugs with radioactive isotopes, increasing the accuracy and efficiency of diagnosis and treatment for cancer patients.
  • Nuwe helps companies hire the best tech talent through online programming competitions.
  • flamingo designs, produces and sells decoration products and accessories for generation Z.
  • G.U.S. is an AI SaaS platform specialized in conversational commerce and customer engagement that allows you to create, personalize and automate messaging experiences.
  • Zinkee is the cloud platform that helps SMEs to manage their projects, employees and clients from a single application.
  • flowowfrom the beauty and wellness sector, offers the tools to improve productivity, data analysis and carry out marketing campaigns.
  • No one without their daily ration It is based on technology to promote the integration of people at risk of exclusion and improve their daily diet.
  • Internxt offers a range of online services that respect user privacy, achieving a safer internet.

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