Apple announces Business Essentials, a subscription service with services for SMEs

Apple has announced the launch, for now in the testing phase and only for the United States, of Apple Business Essentials, a subscription service for SMEs with up to 500 employees that combines device management, storage and support. For now, it is unknown in which countries it will be available when its final version arrives, which will arrive throughout the spring of 2022.

The service will have several plans available, and is designed to facilitate the management of devices and online storage for small companies, which do not have the sufficient staff or the time necessary to be able to manage IT operations, with tasks such as adjusting the configuration of devices, the initial preparation of the equipment and systems of a new employee, the backups, the repairs, the support or the updates.

Apple Business Essentials will allow small businesses to configure options for individuals, groups of users and devices, all based on positions and roles. For example, setting up devices for four or five members of a marketing group in one way and with specific apps and permissions; and with other permissions, apps and different settings for, for example, members of a sales team.

The basic package of Apple Business Essentials costs $ 2.99 per month per user, and includes service for one device, as well as 50 GB of cloud storage space. For $ 6.99 per month per user, the service offers availability for up to 3 devices and 200GB of space. But if what is needed is more space in the cloud, for $ 12.99 per month and users, in addition to three devices, the service offers 2 TB of storage space.

Among the devices covered by the Apple Business Essentials service are iPhone, iPad and Mac. In addition, as of spring 2022 will also be available AppleCare + for Business Essentials, at a price to be known when available. With it, subscribers to one or more of your plans will have 24/7 access to technical support by technician, technology-related training and up to two device repairs each year.

Repairs can be managed through Apple’s official technician network within 4 hours, but can also be managed through mail-order pickup and Apple Store technicians. Apple Business Essentials also includes iCloud storage and backup services. On the other hand, SMEs that subscribe to this service will be able to unite both the users and the devices for which they contract the service in a single invoice.

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