How to choose my bank account correctly

choose one online account Banking is not something that can be done lightly. However, most of them provide us with an important, useful and daily service, which we must know how to value. The problem is that we can be overwhelmed by the wide range of bank accounts that entities offer us and not know what is important and what is not. In this article we are going to give you some tips so that you can decide, with the best possible criteria, the type of account that is best for you.

What do you need the account for?

It is the first question you have to ask yourself. Do we need an account to enter payroll? A savings account? A business account? These answers will mark the course of your decisions. For example, if we need to periodically withdraw money from it, the savings account would not serve us, since it is not usually associated with credit or debit cards.

If, on the other hand, we just need a safe place to deposit our money and make regular contributions, the saving is definitely a good choice. By not having cards, we make sure we don’t fall into consumerist temptations, and expenses can’t be directly debited either, so one more reason to save quietly.

The commissions

The more you “engage” with a bank, less commissions will be charged, At least, that is the theory. It is not the same to hire a payroll account, where you enter a significant amount of money every month, than another that you have practically stopped. So, if you do not want to pay a lot of commissions, it is best to domicile your payroll in the one you are going to open.

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Some banks have interesting agreements for customers, for example, when withdrawing money from any ATM. Ask this before you sign anything, because even if you don’t use cash much, it’s nice to know you can have it for free. Other services such as transfers, credit card, debit card, correspondence or account maintenance can also be paid for. The good news is that banks are usually inclined to negotiate these small annoying commissions and remove them, yes, in exchange for contracting products with them.

online banking

Today, all banking entities have online banking but, increasingly, consumers are more demanding with the digitization of banks. They not only ask that they have a web presence but that it be friendly, intuitive, simple and, of course, safe. Whether or not you are familiar with online banking, take a look at the access platforms of the main banks with your mobile and see if they convince you.

Although you don’t use it much now, online banking is an unstoppable trend that is gradually displacing more traditional window operations.


If there is a sector where the reputation and brand are essential is that of banking. If you are looking for a safe place to deposit your money, make sure it is a place with a solid track record and with experience and background that support its movements. Trusting a financial institution is key to finding long-term services and operating with maximum security.

A consolidated banking entity is subject to numerous regulations that offer security guarantees to its customers and their money. Do not trust businesses that offer you bank accounts with suspicious benefits, remember that the differences between one and the other are minimal, do not expect miracles.

Definitely, when opening a bank account You will have to consider what the main objective of it is. The market offers numerous offers with different conditions, depending on their purpose. Also note that there is a brand with experience and solvency behind it, as well as the importance they give to online banking. Remember that the digitization it is an unstoppable trend and you need to have a good travel companion, regarding your money.

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