Elon Musk’s stalker is now going after Vladimir Putin

The American student who was monitoring the movements of Elon Musk finally decided to attack Russia.

A few years ago, an American student passionate about aviation managed to gather nearly 400,000 followers on Twitter by closely following the movements of Elon Musk’s private jet. A situation that had not really pleased the American billionaire, who had offered him a nice sum of money to stop his stalking operation. Since then, Jack Sweeney has not stopped there. The young 19-year-old American continued his momentum, studying the movements of a few other businessmen, Bill Gate and Jeff Bezos in the lead. Since the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian war, he is now attacking the Russian oligarchs.

Launched on Sunday February 27, Russian Oligarch Jets is added to the fifteen profiles that the young American already has. Based on programs capable of analyzing certain public flight data, the account already has more than 321,000 subscribers. For Jack Sweeney, it was above all a question of responding to the demand of his community. It must be said that since the beginning of the Russian invasion, the oligarchs are singled out by the international communitywhich intends to limit their movements and restrict their movements outside their native country.

Oligarchs, but also Vladimir Putin

Russian Oligarch Jets would thus be able to closely follow the movements of the steel magnate Alexander Abramov, but also of the current owner of the Chelsea club Roman Abramovich, as well as Vladimir Potanin, considered the richest billionaire in the country. In particular, we can discover that all three preferred to leave Russia – at least temporarily – to take refuge in the Maldives or Turkey.

More importantly, the information and communication technology student also launched a Twitter account entirely dedicated to President Vladimir Putinand soberly baptized PutinJet. On this subject, however, Jack Sweeney prefers to remain modest. The politician uses several planes to cover the tracks of his movements. There is therefore no guarantee of reliable monitoring of its air journeys. Especially since if the student can know when the presidential planes take off and land, he is not able to determine who is there.

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