Apple announces the date of macOS Monterey, iOS 15.1 and more

Relatively few minutes ago Apple finally released macOS Monterey RC (Release Candidate) after many months in beta. It is also accompanied by the RC of iOS 15.1, iPadOS 15.1 and watchOS 8.1. All this has been known once the Apple Event has ended, which we have had very focused on Mac but also on AirPods. This makes us finally see the release of the final version on October 25.

MacOS Monterey is finally coming to Mac

It’s been a really long beta period for Monterey. After its official presentation at WWDC 2021 along with iOS 15 or iPadOS 15, it ended up falling off the rest of the versions since we did not see the final version in September. With this RC that was already highly anticipated, all developers and beta testers will be able to test all the novelties of macOS Monterey and also the stability that it can have. It is an advance for the arrival of the final version to the next final, with the main objective of detecting last minute bugs.

macOS Monterey RC

You should know that this is something really typical before a launch of this caliber. Today opens a period that we can call transition to anticipate this final version. It is important to say that all the people who install the RC in their Macs will have absolutely nothing to do next Monday, initially. This is because this is the final version that will arrive next Monday with the same build number. Although, there may be the case that a complementary update is also released that solves some type of bug that occurs in this RC.

But without a doubt Monterey is a software version that gives a lot of respect. We are seeing how there are already several consecutive years in which the release of iOS from macOS is off the hook and it is mainly due to a performance problem and bugs. This suggests that Monterey is not free of these bugs, although it is something that can be seen when a large number of users have this version installed on their devices, at which time all the major bugs will surface.

iOS 15.1 also has its RC

Undoubtedly this Monday has been marked by the launches and by the RC. In conjunction with the macOS Monterey RC, Apple has released corresponding final developer releases of iOS 15.1, iPadOS 15.1, and watchOS 15.1. All these are versions that were in beta and that integrate a series of improvements mainly focused on performance. Similarly, Apple has confirmed that the release of these three versions to the general public will take place inNext Monday, October 25.

If you could already install the iOS or iPadOS betas on your device, you should know that it should appear anyway. You will simply have to access Settings> General> Software update. As it happened in macOS, you will not have to do anything extra next Monday since you will have the final version on your device with this Release Candidate.

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