According to Gurman, the Apple Watch series 7 will come with new spheres taking advantage of its larger size

Apple Watch Series 7 concept

If the rumors that were establishing the possibility of seeing a new Apple Watch series 7 with a larger screen seemed few, we now have the predictions of one of Apple’s largest analysts. Mark Gurman claims that the new watches will come with new spheres that will take advantage of the larger screen size.

In Gurman’s prediction, we can read two novelties. First of all, it would be confirmed that the new Apple Watch series 7 come with a larger screen size. Second, that we will have new spheres and that they are also adjusted to those new sizes. Sounds like good news. Of course, having a larger screen size is always good. Nevertheless not all predictions are equally hopeful.

It is true that that design change with straighter edges is expected. But Gurman claims that no new health sensors should be expected in these Apple Watch series 7. The next major health update is likely to come next year at the earliest, in the form of a body temperature sensor.

Apple Watch Series 7 is set to increase the screen size. New Apple Watches are coming and this year’s standout feature is an updated design, as I reported a few months ago. While last year’s update focused on the blood oxygen sensor, this year’s update is about a new design with a flatter screen and edges, a faster processor, and slightly larger screens. I do not expect major improvements in health until at least next year, when we see a body temperature sensor.


  • In September we will have a new Apple Watch. The new series 7
  • They will come with a new design
  • Larger screens. We will have 41 and 45 mm
  • Faster processors
  • There will be no health sensors or new functionalities in watches. Those will be expected by the year 2022.

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