Apple could do without the notch

A true distinguishing mark of the iPhone since its arrival in 2017, the notch is now more threatened than ever.

If there is one tech giant that is quiet at CES, it’s Apple. The apple brand has never been very present in the aisles of the American living room. But this does not mean that the Cupertino company is on vacation at the start of the year. If the overwhelming majority of technological news centers around CES, some media are still talking about Apple, and products that could shape its future.

At the heart of the rumors, the iPhone 14 obviously. Apple’s phone should arrive again this year in a whole new generation in September, but until then, analysts and other leakers are bombarding us with theories of all kinds, more or less probable. Among the ideas most frequently mentioned, many are the people who explain that the iPhone 14 will not be entitled to its famous notch.

Apple wants an iPhone with punch

She who has made the design so recognizable of Apple and the iPhone for more than three years, should therefore leave its place, to offer the iPhone an almost complete screen.

Indeed, Apple does not plan to fit all of its front photo block under the screen, and the Cupertino company would always favor the idea of ​​a phone with a punch, as many brands under Android are already doing. The disappearance of the notch would not, however, sign a technological backward step for Apple, which would be able to keep Face ID.

No more notch but still Face ID

Indeed, according to the speech of several analysts, Apple would be very well able to pass its unlocking system by facial recognition under the screen, thus removing the notch. An idea that is not surprising when we know that one of the major changes of this 2021 generation and of the iPhone was the reduction in the size of the notch. An area of ​​the phone which is therefore closely studied by Apple teams.

If it had been very criticized when it arrived in November 2017, the notch is now one of the striking elements of an iPhone, which makes it possible to recognize the Apple phone from others. If Apple seems in any case ready to lose this distinctive sign, it will still be necessary to see how well Face ID is powerful, even under the screen. Today is the biggest unknown in this equation, and only Apple has the answer.

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