Apple, determined to resume face-to-face work as soon as possible

Apple park

Apple has already tried twice to resume face-to-face work at Apple Park. However, pressure from some employees has forced them to back down and plan that return for later. One of the indicators that they are continuously evaluating to see if the return is appropriate is the vaccination status. Of the population in general and of the company in particular. That is why they are asking their employees to report their vaccination status.

One of the weapons that currently exist in the fight against COVID-19 is population vaccination, especially of the most affected. Apple knows that if its employees manage to have the complete vaccination schedule, it could request a return from face-to-face work. Something that he wants so much to achieve and that for various reasons he still cannot carry it out.

Although working online has not been a headache for the company in terms of earnings, it is true that Tim Cook is in favor of that return that he considers necessary in many points. To do this now the company through a memorandum, is requesting employees to communicate voluntarily before September 17, whether or not they are vaccinated. If so, how many doses and on what dates have they been administered.

That memo explains that the company plans to use that data to “take new efforts and develop new COVID-19 response protocols.” Apple had previously requested this information from employees in California, Washington and New Jersey. Now he is extending the policy to all employees in the United States.

As Apple’s Covid-19 response continues to evolve, our primary focus remains keeping our team members, their friends and family, and our entire community healthy. It is possible that your vaccination status can be used identifiably. Coupled with other information about your general work environment, such as the location of your building, this information is necessary to ensure a healthy and safe work environment.

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