Apple GPT, what do we know about the AI ​​that they develop in Cupertino?

Apple GPT

In a year that is marked by the explosion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in all areas and there are companies that have positioned themselves and invested to include AIs with their services, it seemed strange that Apple did not make a move. There is a rumor called Apple GPT, what do we know about the AI ​​that they develop in Cupertino?

ChatGPT, the origin of everything

Since OpenAI’s ChatGPT came out and we were able to check What are these generative AIs capable of?of which we already have several available on our own iPhone, there is not a day that a new AI with surprising capabilities does not appear, doing the unimaginable or what would require days of multi-person work in a matter of a minute.

In fact, and we assume that a little earlier, technology companies were aware of the achievements of these small companies that were developing AIs with these amazing capabilities.

Microsoft, the smartest

Microsoft seems to have been the one that has taken the lead, first, by investing no less than 20,000 million dollars in OpenAI for the future development of ChatGPT and for the incorporation of this AI in its office suite, Office 365, at all levels. .

A quick move that resulted in the availability of a chatbot for Bing, the Microsoft Edge search engine, which works with the GPT-4 engine and also offers image generation through DALL-E (also from OpenAI).

Something that has put Google in check for a few months, being forced to move forward with forced marches to its AI called Bard, since Internet searches have been completely revolutionized. Previously, search engines gave you a list of pages that met the search you were doing and from there you had to filter to find what you were looking for.

Now we can ask for something concrete so that the AI ​​analyzes the precise information that we are looking forthe way in which we want it to be shown to us and the purpose for which we want the information, so that we are not the ones who have a list of web pages that may or may not contain the information we wish to obtain.


Microsoft has also incorporated this AI into its Windows operating system, announcing Windows Copilot, as a kind of advisor with AI that makes tasks much easier for us within the operating system, completely eliminating Cortana, which with this, has already stayed. to light years

In the video below you can see some examples of what we can do once Windows Copilot is working. And there is quite a bit left for Windows users to enjoy it, since it will be available in Windows 11 before the end of the year.

This move by Microsoft makes everyone have their eyes on Apple. If Windows is going to be super-vitaminated by Copilot, what have they thought of Cupertino for macOS and its other operating systems? Will we see AI for Safari searches any time soon?

Apple philosophy

Not the first, the best

Apple doesn’t want to be the first, Apple wants to be the best. We have seen it embodied throughout these years with all its devices and services. Apple is never in a hurry, to the despair of its users, to incorporate technologies or revolutions, but when it does, it changes the way those technologies are used forever.

Apple studies to the millimeter what could be done if it implements all this type of AI to its operating systems or devices, so that when he decides to do it, he will mark the way forward. She has always done it. We recently saw it with the presentation of the Apple Vision Pro.

Augmented reality technology was already there and augmented reality glasses were already being marketed by others, but the Apple Vision Pro came to light and has completely changed the horizon given to computational augmented reality. But the same thing happened with the Apple Watch, smart watches existed, but with their arrival, nothing has ever been the same. And maybe one day we’ll see the Apple Car, about which rivers of ink have been written for almost ten years.

Perfect ecosystems for the user

Partly because Apple is back to doing what it does best. Create the perfect ecosystem. Get your own operating system, where developers can easily migrate all their software already created for macOS, iOS or iPadOS, giving immediate support and an infinite range of possibilities to do with the new device.

It’s what Apple has to be doing right now. Thinking about what you can do with your own AI when implementing it to macOS, iOS, iPadOS (even WatchOS or VisionOS, why not…) and how the interaction with our devices will change. Surely when Apple makes the relevant announcement, boosting its operating systems with AI, it will not leave anyone indifferent.

And another important point where Apple stands out above the rest is in the user experience. Surely we will not need “prompts” or very specific commands of what we want the AI ​​to do for us, having to have previous knowledge, if not that the learning curve will be a fine line that Apple will save so that everything is simple and automaticwithout the user having to interact excessively and having full control of the result obtained by the AI.

Apple GPT, the rumors of what they develop in Cupertino

It is known that they are already developing in Cupertino, within the same Apple Park, an AI that has been baptized with the name of “Apple GPT”, it does not come from any source, but from Mark Gurman, the Bloomberg journalist, who He usually hits all his predictions. Right now everything is done under the strictest secrecy, as usual at Apple, although nothing is known about the scope that Apple wants to give this own AI.

If we think in the short term, Apple should be working to implement and equip Safari with AI, and thus be able to compete equally with Google and Bing, although that has never been their priority. But what is clear is that just as Windows “has retired” Cortana, Apple must be considering that it should do the same with Siri or give it a twist.

Let’s not fool ourselves, no matter how many efforts Apple put into Siri, we have always seen shortcomings compared to Alexa or Google Assistant. Siri has never been what we thought it could be. But now seeing the potential of the AIs that are already here, the unimaginable becomes tangible and being able to tell any Apple device, with a natural language, what we want so that it does it in a simple, concrete and tangible way, opens up a world new of possibilities.

Apple must be assessing and defining what its role will be in the race for AI Right now OpenAI, Microsoft and Google lead. At the moment, whatever “Apple GPT” is is constantly evolving. Only employees with special authorization can have access to test it.

Apple Park in Cupertino where they develop Apple GPT

What can we imagine “Apple GPT” will do?

Following the line of this article, it is conceivable that Apple, very cautious in its steps and implementations, must be considering whether to provide macOS, iOS and iPadOS with its own AI, not only covering and working with Apple’s native software, but that this AI, capable of performing actions naturally, is extensible to all app developers for their systemsand end up implementing it easily, getting an AI capable of working with all our installed tools.

That we are able, when invoking that AI, to be able to request anything that involves more than one app and that we do not necessarily see the execution process of those apps, but rather the final result of what we have requested. Simplifying the tasks to be carried out to the maximum.

Next future…

The truth is that the possibilities are endless and the horizon sounds very promising for all users, both from one operating system and another. It is a revolution that encompasses the way in which we will interact with our devices in the future. We are going to go from doing things while being present throughout the process to being mere spectators of the process of one or several tasks entrusted with a single command or order..

Imagine, opening Finder, choosing the flash drive in turn, opening the folder that contains the file we want, copying it, opening our hard drive, looking for the folder we want as the destination and pasting the file simply by telling the AI, assistant, Apple GPT or SuperSiri: “Copy the X file that is on the X drive and put it in the X folder on the computer.” No sooner said than done. Saving us time and mouse clicks.

And this is just a glimpse of what’s to come. Because the AIs will be more and more capable as well as efficient when it comes to asking them to do tasks, and the Apple GPT that they develop in Cupertino may be a new revolution within the AIs since they arise daily. At this point we all dream of having Tony Stark’s Jarvis… Face it.

We will be very attentive to all the information that is released about “Apple GPT” or the AI ​​that Apple has in development to be able to tell you about it, meanwhile Do not stop imagining what you will be able to do with these AIs on an Apple device!

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