Apple promotes “exclusive offers” for Apple Card customers

Panera Apple Card

We still cannot enjoy physical Apple Cards, but those who can have them are making purchases with them at Apple while giving them 3% of their purchases back. But it is that in addition to this the Cupertino firm is adding some interesting promotions for them.

In this case, it is about the firm’s own services and unlimited coffee for them … Yes, the services thing is that, as Mark Gurman himself confirmed, Apple is offering four month subscription to Apple News that service that we don’t have here and also free coffee sponsored by Panera.

This is the tweet with which Gurman warns users of Apple card who can enjoy these “gifts” from Apple:

If you are one of the lucky users to have this Apple Card, right here you can enjoy the promotion they offer. The company as we say offers refunds or additional discounts to Apple Card customers but this time it seems to have adopted a hybrid approach of promoting its own service with the free subscription for four months of News + and that of an external sponsor such as Panera, in this case. So everyone who can enjoy the promotion that ends on August 31st.

The rest of the world has to wait to see if the Apple Card finally arrives or not, although at the moment it does not seem that we will be able to enjoy it …

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