When is iOS 14.7 released for iPhone? This brings its beta 4

Although its sights are already set on the new versions of software presented at WWDC 2021, Apple is not leaving the current versions behind. Yesterday he published the fourth betas of iOS 14.7, iPadOS 14.7, macOS 11.5, watchOS 7.6 and tvOS 14.7. They also arrive two weeks after the previous ones and being so advanced we have two main questions: When will they arrive? What news will they bring? We analyze it.

Little change in these software versions

The biggest changes at the software level in Apple devices usually arrive in the month of September and although it is true that in the successive updates of iOS 14 and company we have been finding relevant news, at this point and with iOS 15 already in beta expect great news. In iOS 14.7 some changes will be added such as the possibility of measure air quality in new countries. The possibility of add timers on HomePod.

However, no more relevant news has been found in iOS and iPadOS 14.7, with practically no changes in the rest of the software such as macOS 11.5, watchOS 7.6 and tvOS 14.7, in which these updates are intended for improve performance and battery, as well as correcting some possible bugs reported in previous versions. We remember that versions such as macOS 11.5 will be of the utmost importance because they are one of the latest from some Mac such as the 2014 iMac, 2015 MacBook, 2013 and 2014 MacBook Air, as well as 2013 and 2014 MacBook Pros.

When will they officially reach the public?

If you are a developer, you can now install the new betas on iPhone and iPad, as well as the rest of the devices. Of course, remember that if you have the beta of iOS 15, the traditional method will not work, since you will have to go back to iOS 14 and from there update to these versions. The same happens if you have any of the new versions on other devices, since Apple does not allow you to easily downgrade between betas, always having to restore the devices to their latest official versions.

As of today, Appleā€™s update schedule is unknown, so there is no set date for the launch of these versions, which could be the last or the penultimate before the big ones. Taking into account how advanced they are and how well they work, in 1 or 2 weeks RC (Release Candidate) versions could be released and the official versions for all compatible devices could be released later days. In any case, we will remain attentive to any new information that provides more details about when these versions can be installed officially without being in beta.

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