Apple reaches number 1 as a computer manufacturer


Apple broke the mold with the Mac. The year the market was launched, it was done in style and with a good statement of intent. With the clear promise of breaking molds and breaking what has been established up to that moment. I wanted to be transgressive but at the same time easy and user friendly. Care down to the smallest detail, Macs have become computers that ooze class, style, price and functionality in equal parts. His time has cost the company, but he has taken the number 1 position in terms of computer manufacturer. A company created for that purpose but that diversified and reached that goal before with other devices. Now it can be said that the apple is found in most homes and businesses.

It all boils down to the sales that the company has made in the field of computers. In this sense, it can be said that Apple has sold more computers in this first quarter of 2022 than any other manufacturer. That’s why, that’s why has managed to snatch Lenovo the first position as a manufacturer and as a seller. The growth has been exponential, going from fourth place to first in just five months and everything else, with very unfavorable circumstances not only for Apple but for any manufacturer.

Apple’s total shipments in the first quarter of 2022 reached 22.3 million, according to Canalys, the person in charge of the company study. That is 1.1% more than in the same period in 2021. Lenovo has suffered a significant drop in its sales, declining by 12.2%. But it is nothing compared to the setback suffered by HP with a drop of almost 18%.

At the moment we can talk about success, but this is so volatile that it is likely that in the second quarter we will see movements. That is why Apple must make an effort to maintain that position and for that it must meet the expectations of the WWDC.

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