Apple will present the best iMac in history, although not now

2022 will be the year of the real iMac redesign

There are many rumors that suggest that the fourth quarter of 2021 will see a significant launch in terms of the Mac range. But the high-end iMac will not be seen on these dates according to Dylandkt since the company would be limited to launch a redesigned MacBook Pro to avoid competition between ranges. This is something that is quite logical to be able to prevent one team from overshadowing another. Since there are more than obvious differences in the characteristics of Apple Macs, they should always be separated so that each one is the protagonist individually.

Rumors have pointed out in recent months that Apple is working on a larger version of iMac. But the company was forced to halt production in order to prioritize the launch of a new 24-inch iMac. Now the information points to this iMac with a much larger screen and also includes much more powerful hardware. It is expected that this new processor either M1X or M2X that outperforms the 24-inch iMac currently on the market. The ‘bad’ news is that the 27-inch models that continue to maintain the Intel processor and were updated in 2020 are nearing the end of their production to be withdrawn from the market.

A bigger screen aimed at professionals

If we analyze the predictions that Dylandkt has made through Twitter we see that it has had numerous successes when it comes to launches. The truth is that after the renewal of the 21.5-inch iMac going to 24, it is logical that Apple is working on a model of more 27 inches. But the truth is that the arrival of a much larger screen in its diagonal. This is great news especially for professionals who in many cases need to have a wide range of vision in front. To be able to edit video or photos in a professional way and have all the necessary information, sometimes having a fairly large monitor is quite important.

In addition to the size, the improvements in regards to the processor have been rumored. This is also something of pure logic, like the renovation. It should be no mystery that Apple is working on a chip that offers much higher performance by making use of everything learned with the M1. And it is also quite likely that it will finally be reflected in a great renovation of a computer such as the iMac with the largest screen size.

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