Mr. Corman: discover here what the Apple TV + series is like

Production team

The production of this series began in September 2019, although the premiere did not take place until the summer of 2021. It is unknown if the COVID-19 pandemic could delay the plans. And although the most important role at the acting and executive level is Gordon-Levitt, in this production there is a large team led by the following:

  • Creator: Joseph Gordon-Levitt.
  • Executive producers: Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Eric Kaplan.
  • Directors: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Bruce Eric Kaplan, and Aurora Guerrero.
  • Cinematography: Jaron Presant.
  • Edition: Sharidan Sotelo.
  • Screenwriters: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Bruce Eric Kaplan, Roja Gashtili, Julian Lerman, and Rosa Handelman.
  • Producers: Bek Industries, New Zeland Film Commission, HitRecord Films and Apple.
  • Distribution platforms: Apple TV +.

It should be noted that the series is originally recorded in English, although dubbing and subtitles are offered to a multitude of Languages, including Spanish from Spain and Latin Spanish. There is also an audio description system for the visually impaired.

Synopsis and episodes of Mr. Corman

The series revolves around Josh Corman, an elementary school teacher whose adjective frustrated sometimes falls short. After a crisis in his marriage, he sees the umpteenth lost opportunity to succeed as a musician, at which point he decides to go live with Victor, his best friend. However, and far from helping you, this is not exactly a pillar that helps you get ahead and sometimes generates even more concerns.

The series has all the tints to be a drama, although given the way it is narrated and seen, it pulls a lot towards the comedy genre. Throughout the series we see leaps between reality and the imaginations of Josh, who often wonders what his life would be like otherwise, thoughts that are transferred directly to the viewer.

Characters and actors

As characters main we can meet:

  • Josh corman, protagonist of the series played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt.
  • Victor, Josh’s friend and partner, played by Arturo Castro.

As characters secondary we find a more extensive list:

  • Artie, interpreted by Hugo Weaving.
  • Beatriz, interpreted by Veronica Falcon.
  • Cheryl, interpreted by Lucy Lawless.
  • Dax, interpreted by Logic (Robery Bryson Hall II).
  • Elizabeth corman, interpreted by Shannon Woodward.
  • Emily, interpreted by Jamie Chung.
  • Lindsey, interpreted by Emily Tremaine.
  • Megan, interpreted by Juno Temple.
  • Perry-Geller, interpreted by Amanda Crew.
  • Ruth Corman, interpreted by Debra Winger.

First season

This season was released on August 6, 2021, consisting of a total of 10 chapters. On that first day, the first two were broadcast, leaving the rest with weekly broadcasts as is usual on Apple TV + with their series, given that they rarely publish all the chapters of a season at once.

  • Chapter 1:
    • Qualification: “Good luck”
    • Release date: August 6, 2021
    • Director: Joseph Gordon-Levitt
    • Duration: 34 minutes
    • Description: Josh has a lot to be thankful for, but it’s not what he feels

mr corman apple tv 1x01

  • Episode 2:
    • Qualification: “Do not panic”
    • Release date: August 6, 2021
    • Director: Bruce Eric Kaplan
    • Duration: 29 minutes
    • Description: Josh breathes smoothly, thank you very much

mr corman apple tv 1x02

  • Chapter 3:
    • Qualification: “Happy Birthday”
    • Release date: August 13, 2021
    • Director: Joseph Gordon-Levitt
    • Duration: 26 minutes
    • Description: Josh compares God to an imaginary mouse

mr corman apple tv 1x03

  • Chapter 4:
    • Qualification: «Mr. Morales »
    • Release date: August 20, 2021
    • Director: Aurora warrior
    • Duration: 23 minutes
    • Description: Victor is a wonderful human being

mr corman apple tv 1x04

  • Chapter 5:
    • Qualification: «Action and adventures»
    • Release date: August 27, 2021
    • Director: Joseph Gordon-Levitt
    • Duration: 26 minutes
    • Description: Josh enters the toxic world of people who have failed, but refuses to acknowledge it.

mr corman apple tv 1x05

  • Chapter 6:
    • Qualification: “The burial”
    • Release date: September 3, 2021
    • Director: Joseph Gordon-Levitt
    • Duration: 26 minutes
    • Description: Josh spends the day with his ex-fiancee

mr corman apple tv 1x06

  • Chapter 7:
    • Qualification: “Many worlds”
    • Release date: September 10, 2021
    • Director: Joseph Gordon-Levitt
    • Duration: 29 minutes
    • Description: If he had been luckier and had chosen other paths, Josh’s life would have been very different

mr corman apple tv 1x07

  • Chapter 8:
    • Qualification: “Hope you are better”
    • Release date: September 17, 2021
    • Director: Joseph Gordon-Levitt
    • Duration: 33 minutes
    • Description: Josh retires when faced with his worst nightmare
  • Chapter 9:
    • Qualification: “Hope you are better”
    • Release date: September 24, 2021
    • Director: Joseph Gordon-Levitt
    • Duration: 24 minutes
    • Description: Josh retires when faced with his worst nightmare
  • Chapter 10:
    • Qualification: TO BE DETERMINED (vo “The Big Picture”).
    • Release date: October 1, 2021
    • Director: Joseph Gordon-Levitt
    • Duration: 34 minutes
    • Description: DETERMINED

Second season

At the moment there is no confirmation about the second season of this series. Normally Apple renews all its series for one more season at least and although it is strange that it has not done so yet, it is not completely ruled out. According to unofficial sources, the idea of ​​Joseph Gordon-Levitt is to continue with production, although Apple will have the last word.

What does the critic say about this series?

Apple does not usually make public the audience data of its platform and in this case it is no exception. Therefore, it is difficult to know how many people have already seen this series, although for this there are numerous means in which the reviews that have been made of the series can be observed. And after having taken a look at the reference media in these cases, we observe that it is a series that it will happen without pain or glory.

While it is true that there are serious admirers of Gordon-Levitt’s work in this series, the truth is that most critics choose to define this series as a repetitive style and does not add anything new to the television landscape. However, the focus that is given on certain occasions, although most agree that it is a series that he from less to more, something that from our point of view is dangerous if we take into account the ease with which a viewer can decide to disengage by not being convinced by the first episodes.

Our critique It really goes in the same direction as all of them and that is that, despite being a series with some good pillars to at least penetrate a little deeper, it constantly gives the feeling that it is not addressed enough depending on the topics, everything being more superficial than one would wish. The duration of the episodes (less than 30 minutes in most) does not help in this case unlike what happens in other series. And although it is true that it may seem that nothing new is seen, the fictional story of Josh Corman has the potential to earn its own name.

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