4 tools to censor parts of an image

Censoring, blurring or pixelating parts of an image can be interesting if we have to share a photo in which faces of other people, license plates or confidential data that we do not want to disclose. The problem is that it can be a somewhat complicated task if we do not have knowledge of image editing. Luckily, on the Internet we find different free tools that allow us to blur parts of an image in multiple ways and without any complication. Do you want to find out how? Read on for some of the best alternatives available.


One of my favorite options is Redacted, an application web that allows us to censor parts of an image in three different ways : blurring, pixelating or applying a solid color over the area we want to hide. One of the strong points of Redacted is that the whole process is done in the browser, so our images are not sent to any server. In fact, the tool works even without an internet connection. The operation is very simple: we just have to drag an image, select the part we want to censor and choose the type of mask to apply. Once satisfied with the result, we can download the image to our team with a single click. Taking into account how it works, it is an option to consider if you are looking for an extra privacy.


If you are looking for an alternative to censor faces, Facepixelizer is a tool with automatic face detection that should be taken into account. Available in a web version, the platform allows us to upload images and choose the form of censorship we want to apply (pixelated, blurred or solid color). Although it is focused on faces, we can use the tool to blur personal information in screenshots or other types of images by performing the process manually. Without a doubt, it is a very interesting tool, and the automatic blurring process is very useful in images in which multiple faces appear (since it avoids us having to select all the faces manually).


LunaPic is a quite popular online image editor. Currently, the platform has a tool that allows us to apply censorship in our photos or screenshots quickly and intuitively. To do this, we just have to upload the image that we want to censor and click on Draw – Censored box. Next we will see a censorship box appear whose size we can modify to fit the image. As in the rest of the commented tools, we can download the resulting image for free. To mention a downside, we only have a method to hide parts of the picture. Even so, it can be an interesting option if you want to make any additional modifications to the image.


Another image editing platform that we can use is Pinetools. Like LunaPic, it is a complete image editor with a multitude of different options, but also has a specific tool to pixelate or blur images. So We just have to upload the image we want to censor, choose the method and shape of the mask and click on the Censor button. As you can see in the image above, the tool is capable of seamlessly pixelating the selected area to prevent us from reading the information. Pinetools allows us to download the censored image in PNG, JPG or BMP format for free.

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