ASUS launches a keyboard with 1,500 hours of autonomy and a “matching” mouse

Today we are going to get to know your new keyboard and mouse in depth, which have more than interesting features.

Keyboard – ROG Strix Scope II 96 Wireless

First of all, we will talk about your keyboard, a name that is given by your 96% extension. It occupies that percentage, being the margins and other spaces almost negligible. An all keyboard you could say.

This makes good use of its measurements, making it just 377mm × 131mm × 40mmalthough with a 1kg weight.

It has more than 1,500 hours of wireless autonomy via Bluetoothdata that the company itself offers us.

asus keyboard

As we can see in the image, the keyboard has a magnetic wrist restsomething that is appreciated and a lot for the rest of our hands, which logically can be disassembled if we don’t want or need it.

Thanks to its compact design, we can still have side numeric keypad without increasing its size. Something that many users asked for.

In turn, this model is detachable piece by piecethat is, if any key stops working or we want to change it for another model, we can do it in a super simple and fast way.

It has customizable LEDs and that they will also indicate the state of the battery, as well as a sound is quite nice to be a mechanical keyboard, which offers much less noise than its competition.

Mouse – ROG Harpe Ace Aim Lab Edition

As for your mouse, there is not much to say, its characteristics are typical of a peripheral that matches the previous one.

Its weight stands out, of only 54 gramsits triple mode of operation and its AimPoint sensor with a precision of 36,000 DPIone of the largest on the market, aimed above all at gamers who need the highest quality.

asus mouse 36,000 dpi

While the keyboard is not yet for sale, the mouse has been released and you can find it on websites like PC Components, from here.

Two very interesting products that we will have to keep track of, to see how they complement each other, offering the best gameplay for a gamer that we can find today. Of course, it will not be cheap. The mouse is around €130 while we still don’t have data or an official release date for the keyboard, but we don’t expect a low price for this peripheral, to be honest, we’ll see if they surprise us.

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