ASUS launches a new gaming monitor with ultra-fast 1080p resolution

The price of 1080p monitors has fallen enormously and we can find great solutions at good prices. The drop in prices of monitors of this resolution affects the higher models. It also affects the evolution of panel manufacturing.

Many game fans prefer competitive titles where refresh rate matters. The hardware to play at 1080p and high refresh rate is cheaper than for higher resolutions.

New monitor for video game fans

ASUS has different ranges of products for all types of users and needs. The best known, without a doubt, is the RoG range of products, which we could say is the Premium. But, the one that may interest the average user the most is the TUF Gaming range. This offers a great quality/price ratio, with technologies focused on video game fans.

Within this range ASUS presents us with the TUF Gaming VG249QL3A monitor. This monitor has a size of 23.8 inches and use a Fast IPS criminal, one of the most advanced on the market. It offers us excellent image quality with a high response time.

One of the main features of this monitor is that it has a 180Hz refresh rate and a response time of 1 ms. In addition, this monitor has a 350 nits brightness and a color coverage of 99% sRGB.

asus TUF Gaming VG249QL3A 1080p 60hz screen

This monitor has technology AMD FreeSync Premium and NVIDIA G-Sync Compatible. What both technologies seek is to offer a highly sharp image without flickering or image tearing.

Seeking to offer a higher quality gaming experience, technology offers Extreme Low Motion Blur. This technology allows for improved blurring and motion. Also includes Variable Overdrive that adjusts the different speeds dynamically. It even includes Shadow Boost which improves image clarity in dark scenes.

Regarding the design, it is very attractive, but, obviously, it does not reach the level of the RoG range. It completely lacks RGB lighting, since it is an element that mainly serves to make the product more expensive.

asus TUF Gaming VG249QL3A screen

High quality monitor

This monitor has very good quality features with great features. Even in terms of connectivity, this monitor stands out, since it integrates a DisplayPort 1.2 and two HDMI 2.0. It also has a headphone jack connector and two 2-watt speakers. The truth is that the speakers are somewhat weak.

This monitor offers a great level of adjustment, allowing adjustment of tilt (-5 to 23°), swivel (-15 to 15°), pivot (-90 to 90°) and height, which allows adjustment of up to 120 mm. In addition, this monitor allows standard VESA anchoring in the 100×100 mm format.

ASUS, at the moment, has not revealed the price and availability of the TUF Gaming VG249QL3A monitor. Probably, due to its characteristics, it is around 200 euros.

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