hard mats are the best

In the gaming ecosystem of PC products there has always been an eternal debate regarding mousepads: are rigid or soft mousepads better? The most normal thing when we talk about mousepads is that they are soft, but ASUS seems to be clear that the future is rigid mats since they have just revealed the new ASUS ROG Moonstone Ace Lmade with…tempered glass! Let’s go see them.

When you are looking for the best mouse precision as well as great comfort, using a mouse pad is almost mandatory; Not only because they are products specifically designed to maximize the performance of any type of mouse, but also because they tend to make using mice for hours and hours more comfortable. Of course, this is the case with padded mats, but what about rigid ones?

ASUS hard mats are made of tempered glass

Regarding the aforementioned debate between rigid or soft mats, before opting for one or the other type, it is essential to know the advantages and disadvantages of both. The most obvious difference is found in comfort, since soft mats usually have an intermediate layer of foam rubber that makes them more comfortable to use, since we will rest the wrist on a soft surface and, in the long term (when you spend many hours followed by using the mouse), is something that is appreciated.


However, for practical purposes, this is the only advantage that soft mats have over rigid ones, since otherwise, the latter win in practically everything: they have greater durability since they wear less, they are much easier to clean and in general they offer greater precision since their surface does not deform with the weight of the mouse, hand and wrist.

Now, as we said at the beginning, ASUS is quite clear about which path to choose, and for this they have launched their ROG Moonstone Ace L mousepads, made with a tempered glass core that gives them great rigidity and resistance. Of course, the mouse will not slide on the tempered glass (since not all sensors are capable of this), but rather they have a textured layer on top that guarantees compatibility with all types of sensors, providing greater precision (at the level of pixel, according to the manufacturer) and comfortable sliding.

ASUS hard mats

In the lower area they have a layer of textured natural rubber that guarantees that the mat will not move from its place during use, and as you can see in the image above, the design is quite sober, only with the ROG logo and its common slogan “For those who dare.”

The new ASUS ROG Moonstone Ace L will be available in black and white, and have dimensions of 500 x 400 mm and 4 mm thick. ASUS has not yet revealed the price or launch date, and in fact has not sent a press release about it (we have simply seen that they have added the product to their website).

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