asynchronous work and new use of the office

Sony Professional Displays & Solutions has shared the data of an interesting study that reveals that, after the transformation process that we have experienced as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, teleworking and the jump to a hybrid work environment, motivated by a partial return to the office, the next “evolutionary” step will be given by the asynchronous work.

The data from this study is very interesting, but before looking at it in detail, we must be clear about what asynchronous work is. Luckily, it is a very simple concept and very current, since it refers to that situation that occurs when not all members of a work team are online at the same timethat is, when they are not available simultaneously.

Taking into account the weight that teleworking still has and the jump to hybrid work that is taking place in many companies, it is clear that asynchronous work is called to play a very important role in the professional sector. This is confirmed by the study carried out by Sony Professional Displays & Solutions, where we can see that almost half of office employees in Spain49%, believe that this type of work is the future, while 50% think that their company is not ready to implement it effectively.

42% of those surveyed agree that asynchronous work would favor optimal communication and with fewer distractions, and for 63% it would be an excellent way to promote a better work-family balance. As for the future of work, 43% of those surveyed believe that the most important thing is to prioritize peoplewhile 39% believe that it is essential to have advanced tools and technologies that facilitate flexible and remote work.

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Adam Dover, Trade & Segment Marketing Manager at Sony Professional Displays and Solutions, commented on this topic:

“Sony considers asynchronous work a great opportunity for the future of the professional worldwhere it will create a more efficient workplace and a more motivated workforce. By combining a larger worker autonomy with access to the latest technologies, companies can guarantee success of your employees. Businesses today have access to a wide variety of support solutions and technology, such as that provided by Sony, to ensure that you can keep up with changes and new trends affecting the workplace.

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