Attention: Chrome has a serious vulnerability, uses Photoshop in the cloud and more news

The internet browsers they have become pieces of software present in most devices. They serve us as the main way of accessing the internet, so there are many sections that we must take into account here. Among the most important we find ourselves in the obligation to highlight privacy and security in applications such as Chrome, Edge or Firefox.

How could it be otherwise, the top managers who are in charge of these programs are those who take care of all of it. In this way, the developers of the aforementioned browsers, like the rest, send the corresponding updates of greater or lesser size to cover the latest vulnerabilities. This is precisely the case that we want to talk about now and that refers to the most used browser in the world.

Update Chrome to avoid this vulnerability

That is the proposal of Google with its Chrome, a program here we find on most devices, whether mobile or desktop. Well, we tell you all this because the search giant just sent a new critical update for your program. It is precisely for this reason that the firm urges us to update as soon as possible to avoid problems in the future.

– elhacker.NET (@elhackernet) December 14, 2021

Actually what this update does is patch a very severe Zero Day vulnerability that may put our team’s data at risk. In fact, there have already been cases in which it has been exploited, hence the urgency to update the browser as soon as possible.

Adobe introduces its Creative Cloud Express service

The Adobe software firm is one of the giants in this sector that has been among us for many years offering solutions of various kinds. A good part of its efforts are focused on the multimedia sector with programs of the importance of Photoshop or Illustrator. It is worth mentioning that a good part of these are found in the firm’s suite, Creative Cloud.

creative cloud

It is made up of a series of applications, among which we find those mentioned above, which cover the needs of end users and professionals. However, Adobe just announced its Creative Cloud Express platform. Thanks to it, its users and clients will have the possibility of using these programs through the cloud. This means that they will be able to do use of this software from any place or device, which will surely be of enormous use to many.

Telegram on Windows is more private with this update

Changing third, instant messaging services are an important part of our lives. What at first was born especially suitable for mobile devices, little by little has been extended to desktop computers. Hence precisely the clients that we can install on Windows for platforms such as Telegram or WhatsApp.

Telegram interface

In the following, we will focus on the first of the proposals mentioned, since its client for Windows has just been updated. In fact, we can affirm that this messaging application, Telegram, has been updated to improve your privacy. We tell you all this because the mentioned update adds more security settings in order to help control how we see and share the content that we handle here.

From now on we can specify how group chats are saved or forwarded. Likewise, new options are added for mass elimination for individual chats and other functions for their administration.

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