Automatic or manual updates in Windows, what do you prefer?

In fact, as Microsoft itself has made clear on many occasions, the criticized system updates are key for itself. And we say criticized for the many problems that over time we have found in these. Of greater or lesser magnitude, we have been detecting failures that affected millions of users over the last few years by updating the operating system.

Precisely for all this, many prefer to have greater control over this section or even delay them for as long as possible. Here we are going to talk about the automatic updates that at certain times arrive and are installed in the Redmond operating system. Although for many these are a real annoyance, most users consider them very useful.

In a way, everything will depend on the knowledge of Windows that we have, or the control that we want to have over the operating system of Microsoft. That is why we are going to talk about some of the advantages or disadvantages of these automatic updates below.

The system will have the latest functions without us doing anything

One of the main advantages that automatic Windows updates offer us is quite clear. Thanks to the fact that these on many occasions provide us with the most recent news that their developers have released, we will have all this without having to do anything else.

With this is what we mean is that we will not have to be attentive to the releases or shipping dates of Microsoft to update our team.

Avoid potential security issues

One of the sections that most concerns users is everything related to privacy and security on their computers. Precisely for this reason Microsoft does not stop sending security patches against the most recent vulnerabilities so that we can work protected.

On many occasions these patches They come to us automatically thanks to updates that install themselves. In this way we prevent the most recent and modern computer attacks from reaching our Pc, and as in the previous case without having to do anything on our part.

We are less likely to have problems updating

When we force the arrival of a new update through the corresponding button that we find in Windows Update, it is not always the best. However, if the update arrives automatically on our PC, that means that Microsoft has already tested it with our setting, so it is much less likely that we will have problems in its installation and in its operation.

In fact, as Microsoft has said on several occasions, it is almost always advisable to let Windows 10 receive the updates. That instead of clicking on the Search button that we see in Windows Update.

We lose control over updates

But not everything will be advantages in this sense, since especially the most advanced Windows users, prefer to have maximum control over the system. This is something that directly affects Windows Update, since many prefer to delay or pause the arrival of certain updates to their PCs.

Precisely for all this they consider that the ones that arrive automatically are more of a nuisance, I have an advantage, so they try to avoid them.

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