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Ubuntu 22.04LTS

The final and stable version of Ubuntu 22.04 LTS ‘Jammy Jellyfish’a new long-running release of what is still number one among desktop Linux distributions and, how could it be otherwise, comes full of new features and well accompanied by the Ubuntu ‘family’.

As usual, this new version of Ubuntu LTS (for Long-term Support or long-term support) appears two years after the previous one and will be maintained until completing its five years of support, that is, until 2027, thus forming one of the most interesting proposals for those looking for a desktop system focused on stability and the long-term.

Of course, Ubuntu 22.04 LTS also comes in server editions and more specific cases related to cloud computing, services and the Internet of Things, with the same time of free support and even longer if Canonical’s professional services are contracted. , which are now on a par -in terms of support- with those offered by companies like Red Hat or SUSE.

All in all, this MuyLinux entry is dedicated as always to the Ubuntu 22.04 LTS editions for PC, which is what most interests us in these parts and which are not limited to Ubuntu itself, but rather bring together a whole family of flavors for all tastes: Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Lubuntu, Ubuntu MATE, Ubuntu Budgie… We deal with all of them below.

Ubuntu 22.04 LTS: general news

Although each flavor of Ubuntu is distinguished in form, the background is shared and among the basic components of the system we find Linux 5.15 LTS, but with last-minute news to highlight, such as the improved support for Intel Alder Lake processors with the latest update of this kernel version.

Additionally, those new generation computers that have certification will be able to opt for a much more recent version of the kernel, such as Linux 5.17.

Other base components that Ubuntu 22.04 LTS ships with include systemd 249 (with systemd-oomd to improve RAM memory management), Table 22, PulseAudio 16, CUPS 2.4OpenJDK 11 and 18, Python 3.10, Perl 5.34, Ruby 3.0, LLVM 14…and well-updated apps like Firefox 99, Thunderbird 91, Libre Office 7.3

To all this, it is also worth noting the new impulse received by the foolish drift of Canonical with the Snap packages in Ubuntu 22.04 LTS because Firefox is distributed as Snap only, according to the company, with benefits such as being “directly maintained by Mozilla” or offering easier maintenance, among others; but with disadvantages such as slower startup or lack of compatibility with certain extensions, although work is being done to solve this problem.

More information in the release notes.

Ubuntu 20.04LTS

Ubuntu 22.04LTS

Moving on to the queen of the house, it should be noted that Ubuntu 22.04 LTS is a demure version a priori, but very interesting for those who make the leap from the previous LTS, although most of them won’t -or shouldn’t- now, but with the release of their first update, which is when they will be offered to do so through regular system updates.

Following in the footsteps of its latest regular releases, Ubuntu 22.04 LTS uses wayland by default, even when using NVIDIA, but not in all cases. And although it seems obvious because it is, it is the first LTS version of Ubuntu to dare to do so. However, those experiencing problems will be able to switch to the old graphical server from the menu on the login screen.

At the desktop level, the great novelty of Ubuntu 22.04 LTS is Gnome 42, the latest version of the desktop environment. Of course, if you are still using Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, it is going to give you a good rush because you are going to run into all the news of GNOME 3.38, GNOME 40, GNOME 41 and GNOME 42, which is said soon.

In short, GNOME is at an optimal moment and Ubuntu benefits from it in all respects…. and in some more, because far from being satisfied with what the desktop brings by default, Ubuntu applies modifications to facilitate certain basic functionalities, greater customization capacity and dress the desktop with its particular style, due to which they dispense with the use of the renewed GNOME ‘visual language’.

Thus, Ubuntu 22.04 LTS continues to offer support for icons on the desktop and traditional system tray, its characteristic panel on the left with the option to move it down… but also other new options that, for example, allow choose desktop accent color or use a panel or dockamong other.

Ubuntu 22.04LTS

Ubuntu 22.04 LTS uses the theme Yaru clear by default and it relies on the brand new GNOME dark mode for the rest, but if you are not a big fan of the distribution’s own orange, now you can choose between different accent colors that even affect the folder icons for better integration; as well as choosing whether you want a panel that occupies the entire strip from side to side, or you prefer a centered dock in the purest Mac style.

Or what is the same, with a couple of tweaks you can customize Ubuntu 22.04 LTS from its default appearance…

Ubuntu 22.04LTS

… To something more traditional and, perhaps for many, more accessible and pleasant…

Ubuntu 22.04LTS

There are many more small aesthetic tweaks derived from the new versions of GNOME or Canonical developers that Ubuntu 22.04 LTS brings, but what is shown is the most noteworthy, with the exception of the new Ubuntu logo, which you will see from the very start of the installation medium.

Finally, Ubuntu 22.04 LTS is the first version of the distribution to offer the full desktop experience on Raspberry Pi 4-

Ubuntu 22.04 LTS: official flavors

For the first time in a long time, the main edition of Ubuntu is perhaps the most attractive thing that this new version of it, but Ubuntu is not one, but several, and depending on the tastes and even the needs, it may be that you prefer some another of the official flavors, for which support is reduced to 3. But there’s no drama to be had because the core system keeps updating and key apps can be updated separately.

Kubuntu 22.04LTS

There is only one of the official flavors of Ubuntu that can stand up to the main edition at all and that is Kubuntu 22.04LTSthe one based on the desktop environment and applications of the KDE project, which for the present release is dressed in KDE Plasma 5.24 LTS and is nourished by KDE Gear 21.12.

More information in the release notes.

Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

Ubuntu 22.04 LTS It will also be one of the official flavors preferred by many, given how much the Xfce desktop environment is loved by users who love the traditional. However, this LTS is released with a fairly updated Xfce 4.16.

More information in the release notes.

Ubuntu MATE 22.04 LTS

To a lesser extent, Ubuntu MATE 22.04 LTS is another safe bet for those who put stability, traditional forms and moderate resource consumption before the latest, and MATE 1.26 is, after a maintenance update, the highlight of this flavor, which otherwise is She takes care to dress up the desk to give it her own touch.

More information in the release notes.

Ubuntu Budgie 22.04 LTS

Conversely, Ubuntu Budgie 22.04 LTS seems more boring to the average user judging by how slow the project progresses, in this case, the development of the Budgie desktop, which still relies on GNOME components for many things.

More information in the release notes.

Lubuntu 22.04 LTS

The picture is even worse with respect to Lubuntu 22.04 LTS, and it is that if LXQt replaced the veteran LXDE in the previous LTS, in this one it remains two versions behind in time. In other words, Lubuntu 22.04 LTS arrives with LXQt 0.17, which was released more than a year ago, instead of adopting LXQt 1.0, available since last November. Incomprehensible.

More information in the release notes.

Ubuntu Studio 22.04 LTS

Finally, with the exception of Ubuntu Kylin, exclusive to the Chinese market, Ubuntu Studio 22.04 LTS It is the last of the official flavors that we echo and a very special one as its name indicates, since it is not aimed at general purposes, but rather at multimedia production teams. Its main novelty with respect to the previous Ubuntu LTS is the change of desktop environment, from Xfce to KDE Plasma, so the highlight of this version, apart from updates, is KDE Plasma 5.24 LTS.

More information in the release notes.

Download Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

Below are the links to the official download pages, where you will find the direct download links, for torrent and checksums to check the constitution of the installation images.

Unlike what happened years ago, today installing a Linux distribution like Ubuntu or any of its official derivatives consists of a really simple process, such as preparing the desktop to use it: you install the system, the applications you want and you can now put miles. Even so, in the next few days we will start updating all of our installation and configuration guides for those who might need them.

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